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American Express Seeks To Swap Card Numbers For Secure Tokens

ahziem summary fail (130 comments)

Among popular cards, American Express uniquely has 15 digits. (VISA, Mastercard, and Discover have 16 digits.)

about 3 months ago

Firefox OS Will Become the Mobile OS To Beat

ahziem Ode to feature phones (205 comments)

Not all 3.5M people want a feature phone. Benefits of feature phones include: cheaper phone, cheaper plan, smaller hardware, longer battery life, less distractions (e.g., email, social media, games), fewer privacy concerns (e.g., tracking, malware), and smaller target for theft. Also, it's much easier to text from my phone's slide-out keyboard than from a touchscreen.

about a year ago

QuakeFinder: Is It Possible To Reliably Predict Earthquakes?

ahziem History of failure (59 comments)

According to Nate Silver in The Signal and the Noise, earthquake prediction has a long history of failure. Unlike weather, there is not much understanding or useful data. Many have claimed otherwise, but when applied to the future, their models failed.

about 2 years ago

Google Announces Google CDN

ahziem Similar to a service called... (205 comments)

Google Page Speed is like CloudFlare, which is an easy-to-use, free, sort-of-CDN/web-proxy with rewriting rules. I've been using it for a few months and haven't noticed any problems, and CloudFlare seems more matures. Each offers unique features: CloudFlare has security features to prevent some attacks and bots, while Google has some unique rewriting rules and sharding.

more than 3 years ago

State of Colorado Calls Firefox Insecure, IE6 Safe

ahziem It gets worse (530 comments)

The home page has double HTML tags (and is in designed in FrontPage 6.0). Years ago, I reported the double HTML tags to the web master, but he said it wasn't feasible to fix.

Who takes advice from these people? :)

more than 5 years ago

Can a Small Business Migrate Smoothly To OpenOffice.org v3?

ahziem I did it (503 comments)

I administered ~50 computers at a non-profit. We ran the latest OpenOffice.org (versions 1 and 2) for several years and even after I left the company.

Generally training and file format compatibility were not an issue. The initial draw to OpenOffice.org was not having to count licenses (so tedious!), and later it helped us switch half the systems to Linux (most on a terminal server).

One 'gotcha' was that the accountant needed Excel to use Quickbooks because it interfaces directly over a COM API.

The second in charge (an Apple fanboy ironically) wanted to switch to Microsoft. He didn't give a good case why.

To increase compatibility reading OpenXML, install odf-converter-integrator. To understand how it works, read "A Better Docx Converter".

about 6 years ago



Piriform asks BleachBit to Remove Winapp2.ini Importer

ahziem ahziem writes  |  about 2 years ago

ahziem (661857) writes "As author of the BleachBit system cleaner, I received a polite but firm a request from Piriform, makers of the similar application CCleaner, to remove a two-year-old feature from BleachBit that allows individual BleachBit users to import winapp2.ini data files created by the community that define which files to delete for applications. Does Piriform's request have merit? Do I need a lawyer? What is a good response to avoid any ugly situation?"
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Ubuntu vs. Windows in OpenOffice.org Benchmark

ahziem ahziem writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ahziem writes "Ubuntu's Intrepid Ibex and Redmond's Windows XP go head-to-head in an OpenOffice.org 3.0 performance smackdown measuring vanilla OpenOffice.org, StarOffice, Go-oo, and Portable OpenOffice.org 3.0. Each platform and edition does well in different tests. Go-oo is known for its proud slogan "Better, Faster, Freer," but last time with OpenOffice.org 2.4 on Fedora, Go-oo came in fourth place out of four. Slashdot has previously reported Ubuntu beating Vista and Windows 7 in benchmarks, so either XP is faster or this benchmark carries a different weight."
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New Features in OpenOffice.org 3.1, an Early Look

ahziem ahziem writes  |  about 6 years ago

ahziem writes "With the final release two months away and an alpha version available, it's time to look at OpenOffice.org 3.1's new features: eye candy, better charts, replying to notes in the margin, overlining, macros in Base, RTL improvements for Arabic and Hebrew, and (believe it or not) better sorting. Download and report any bugs you find."
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The Fastest OpenOffice.org

ahziem ahziem writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ahziem writes "While Chrome and Firefox are battling for fastest web browser, OpenOffice.org is trying for its own performance improvements. Some OpenOffice.org performance changes come from version to version. Also, each OpenOffice.org version comes in a variety of editions like Linux comes in distributions, and each OpenOffice.org edition has its own performance improvements. The speed differences come from features included, performance patches, C++ compiler version, compiler options, and the choice whether to include or link system libraries."
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Is OpenOffice.org Getting Faster?

ahziem ahziem writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ahziem writes "Some complain OpenOffice.org is slow and bloated. With each release there may be dozens of individual performance improvements, but there are also new features, some of which may slow things down. This the natural balance in software development, but in the end, what is the net effect on performance from one version to the next? Is it realistic to expect new features and faster performance? This OpenOffice.org benchmark measures the speed of versions 1.1.5 through 3.0."
Link to Original Source

OpenOffice.org 2.4 Released

ahziem ahziem writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ahziem writes "The multiplatform, multilingual office suite OpenOffice.org announces the release of version 2.4 with 9 new chart features, 5 PDF export enhancements, text to columns in Calc, rectangular selection in Writer, bug fixes, performance improvements, improvements supporting the growing library of extensions such as 3D OpenGL transitions in Impress, and much more. Downloads are available either direct or P2P. In September, OpenOffice.org 3.0 will add PDF import, Microsoft Office 2007 file format support, and ODF 1.2."
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OpenOffice.org 3.0's new features, an early look

ahziem ahziem writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ahziem writes "With the final release 167 days away and an alpha version available, it's time to look at OpenOffice.org 3.0's new features: view multiple pages in Writer, notes in the margin, Microsoft Office 2007 file format support, Solver in Calc, new visual theme in Calc, native tables in Impress, more columns in Calc, error bars in charts, performance improvements, real native Aqua Mac support, and more."
Link to Original Source

ahziem ahziem writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ahziem writes "Read the preview of Thunderbird 2, due as a release candidate any day now. This release adds message tags, better new mail notifications, a new visual theme, and more. This preview also includes a review of some classic Thunderbird features such as Quick Search, the news feed reader, and junk filtering."


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