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Nintendo Could Base Comeback On Improving Peoples' Health

aiadot I think health and fitness are important (129 comments)

and profitable. Nintendo making things like VR based fitness arcade centers or interactive rehabilitation training methods using all their gaming hardware and software expertise is not a difficult thing to imagine. Let alone education. There is so much they could do without being the cheesy shit that are most edutertainment games. If they are willing to take risks and develop their own medical devices they could, but they could also partner with Japanese medical equipment start-ups(or even sony, as they also make medical equipment).

But ignoring the core problems, in particular with the home console divisions, is far from ideal. If want to ignore their home console problems, might as well go third party.

One thing that bothers me is that, while the WiiU is not selling well, the 3DS is selling like crazy, including hardware and software. The only reason I can see them not making good money are internal management/administrative problems. Another is thing is that you don't need to have the absolute majority of the market to be profitable. They know that first hand from the N64 and Gamecube eras. Seeing all this negativity and lack of confidence coming from inside the company would be really bad if I were a shareholder. I'm much more bothered by this than the bad revenues.

about 8 months ago

LibreOffice 4.2 Busts Out GPU Mantle Support and Corporate IT Integration

aiadot Re:How compatible is it? (192 comments)

Same thing applies for Mac vs Windows versions of Office. I mostly use a mac for research and development, but Office (alongside Solidworks) are the reasons I keep a decent Windows computer at my side. As a Ph.D. candidate, I have a horrible time with formats and template compatibility every time I try to write a paper using Office for Mac. Even boring academic/university bureaucracy documents are a nightmare on Office for mac simply because they are made on Office for windows. Simply blows my mind.

Unfortunately, as a guy who uses LibreOffice for personal note taking, I've also seen some format errors/inconsistencies when I open an odp file on a different OS. I'm not far from knowledgeable on this subject but I suspect all those office suits rely too much on OS shared resources and GUI factors. Sometimes I really wish pdfs were more edit friendly(at least using cheap/free software).

about 8 months ago

Apple Macintosh Turns 30

aiadot Re:128KB for $2500 ($5700 2014) (154 comments)

Today you get a million times more memory- 128GB flash drive- for a lower price.

But why? 640KB ought to be enough for everybody.

about 7 months ago

You Might Rent Features & Options On Cars In the Future

aiadot Re:This nonsense only works in corporations (437 comments)

Custom firmware, jail break, etc. If I want these features, they are already there just waiting to be unlocked and the price/service is unacceptable that is what I'd do. However, as a guy who never bother doing it on my own phones and consoles, the thought of having to do it on cars is infuriating. I hope this never catches.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

aiadot Re:PS4/XbOne not "computers"; why no MMO AC (559 comments)

One of the other three (Steam Machine) is a "living room computer", as was the fat PlayStation 3 prior to 3.21. But I don't see how PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are "computers" in any sense that usefully contrasts with a "game console". For example, they can't run word processors or spreadsheets because the console maker chooses not to sign LibreOffice.

Let me play Devil's Advocate

You can always use Google docs, iWork on iCloud or Office 365. The PS4 browser seems to be decent enough for that. As the web technologies and local processing power evolves the need to actually have a native app is getting very low, specially on a TV device that is connected to the internet most of the time. That Google ChromeOS notebooks are the very early signs of an age where installing stuff on your computer will be something that only a few professionals will do. For the great majority of people being able to install any crap on a game console doesn't even comes close to being a desirable feature. People just want to play games and that is it. Sony/MS making their consoles as open as a traditional Win/OSX/Linux PC will just open the doors to piracy and hacking.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

aiadot Re:Use the Nintendo brand to make awesome games (559 comments)

Considering you mention the iPad, an iOS device, the definition of a proprietary hardware monopolistic device. The success of the other closed game consoles also does not help your point. Windows may not be a physical device, still pretty much fits the profile and even the flopping products sell tens of millions. Being proprietary is hardly the reason for failure. Having a poor business strategy, poor marketing, poor content, etc, are. This applies for both open and closed products.

about 8 months ago

Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

aiadot Re:I really wanted to move to iOS (511 comments)

Well to each his own I guess. Nowadays I don't freak out about banking as I follow basic internet security guidelines and common sense, but temporary I got inspired by the net banking practices I learned from my work place. For a brief period of time, I basically I had an old, isolated linux netbook that I use exclusively for banking, there is nothing but an up to date webbrowser with bookmarks to my log in pages in that netbook. My workplace, btw, uses an isolated windows XP machine. Why windows XP? Because IE6 was the only thing most of our financial institutions supported until recently(most already upgraded, but I think there is a couple that is frozen in the (dark) past yet). Never tried it, but game console seems to be a nice option as well as they are walled gardens.

BTW, I don't mind a default walled garden and other software limitations, but Apple should gives us the option to get out of that if we wished to(They already do something like that on OS X, as you can choose to use only Appstore apps, signed apps or no restriction at all). Either that or they relax their content policy in the Appstore. For a platform that is content driven, banning just anything that could be offensive is ridiculous. No need to allow hardcore political parody midget porn, but not allowing games/apps that display partial nudity or social/political criticism is not acceptable to my standards. Until a nice and respected and well known website like DeviantArt can have it's own App, Apple iOS division won't be seeing a single dollar from me.

about 8 months ago

Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

aiadot I really wanted to move to iOS (511 comments)

I got a Macbook pro retina, enjoying OS X in a nice hardware package. I also enjoy my xperia phone, but with all the crap that google has been pulling recently and the fact sony doesn't have the balls to make their own OS(I really like the xperia hardware), I contemplated moving to the iPhone. But that irongrip Appstore and platform coupled design decisions I can't stand really scare me away from the device. Apple, allow me to use 3rd party app stores, give me a decent built in file manager, give me something like AirDroid(and not iTunes), allow script languages, and let me customize the "desktop"(widgets, no Win95 like icon grid), and I will become a full fledged Apple fanboy and shower you with money.

about 8 months ago

CES 2014: 3-D Scanners are a Logical Next Step After 3-D Printers

aiadot Nope. I'd rather have cheap CADs first (87 comments)

The next logical step is an affordable good CAD program. I use SolidWorks and many professional level 3D printers at work such as Stratasys Dimension and Vantage series, Objet Eden and Formiga for both metal and nylon models. And while things like Makerbot have proven to "sort of get the job done" in home/hobbyist environments, there is absolutely nothing even close to SolidWorks or AutoCAD that is affordable to the average enthusiast. In my case, for printing my Japanese Anime figures, Blender is usable but it's hardly the best option for building hobbyist robotics(in which case I use SolidWorks through my work computer using VNC, thankfully I'm the boss so I can give permission to myself to do so). If there are affordable, quality PCB desing tools like EAGLE, there should be something similar for CAE/CAM. I simply can't find anything.

3D scanners? At least IN MY CASE, completely unnecessary.

about 8 months ago

Google Buys Home Automation Company Nest

aiadot Re:I think $3.2B is too much (257 comments)

I wish I could mod both of you up, but unfortunately my unused mod points expired a couple of hours ago. 3.2B for just a freaking smoke detector with barely any market share yet. The profitable medical robotics company I work for, with real examples documented in scientific journals of improving and even saving lives, isn't worth a hundredth of that yet. Life is simply not fair...

about 8 months ago

Orbital Becomes Second Private Firm To Send Cargo Craft To ISS

aiadot Re:I _sure_ hope there *WILL* be competition ! (69 comments)

Not disagreeing with your point about the need to reduce costs, but I'm not sure if India is a good reference in prices. What are they paying to their engineers and technicians? Is their hardware on par of American, Russian and European in terms of safety, reliability or capabilities? Is that number even correct and not made up? As a guy with no knowledge in the matter it's really hard to judge whether Obital/SpaceX costs are overpriced or not without knowing the reason those costs exist in first place and how India is doing their magic.

about 8 months ago

Valve's Steam Machines Are More About Safeguarding PCs Than Killing Consoles

aiadot Saving the PC platform? (296 comments)

Everything capable of computing and is owned by a person is a PC: macs are PCs, the PS4 is a PC, smartphones and tablets are PCs, even my brand new Panasonic smart rice cooker is a PC. What people call "pc gaming" is nothing more than windows gaming. Windows games only work on windows/x86 machines(at least out of the box). Steam Machines are not an example of Valve trying to save windows gaming.

IMO, valve is instead trying to create a new version of "pc gaming", in the shape of an open home console(as opposed to the sony/nintendo model closed model) while also trying to expand in the next hot market: smart TVs/living rooms. Having it's own software and hardware platform where your service is the default is also a great way to reduce the visibility of rival game appstores like GOG, Origin and non steam popular games(Minecraft, LoL, Blizzard games).

Not only that but Valve is trying to save something, this something is itself. The business may look great nowadays, but it's foolish to think they're invincible. Windows and Mac are becoming walled gardens, not very friendly towards apps outside the official app stores. Windows PC sales are in record decline. 65 million steam accounts may look impressive at first glance but considering that steam is a FREE service and that even the PS3, the overpriced console that sold the least the last generation, still managed to grab 80 million users(let alone way over a hundred million PSN accounts), it's clear that Valve doesn't have as close as many users as it could. If Valve lose it's momentum, they could easily become irrelevant.

On the other hand as long as Actvision/Blizzard, Minecraft, EA and LoL (and in Japan, porn VNs) exist, Windows PC gaming will exist. Contrary to popular internet forum belief, Windows PC gaming is much more than Steam. I personally believe that, if wasn't for the crazy seasonal sales and mandatory steamworks in some games(Civ5 in my case), many people(including myself) wouldn't even bother with the service.

about 8 months ago

Google Begins To Merge Google+, Gmail Contacts

aiadot Re:I only want to use GMail. Don't want Google+ (339 comments)

Why is it so hard for Google to give me something I want and not something that I don't want?

Because Google is a for profit business? "Giving" only happens if they can make money out of it.

about 8 months ago

Sony Announces Game Streaming Service

aiadot Re:Cloud gaming = DRM.. (144 comments)

I agree with you. But I also think eventually the content providers could also have a deal with ISPs to expand their networks in exchange for some of the profit. The Google Fiber project is in my opinion a very early sign of that: Google trying to provide fast internet so that people can use more google products. Sony is already a fiber provider in Japan and some other Asian countries as well.

about 8 months ago

New Oculus Rift Prototype Features Head Tracking, Reduced Motion Blur, HD AMOLED Display

aiadot Re:Cool, so can I use it yet? (156 comments)

They better not lose track of time. Honestly, after seeing the new prototype yesterday I'm stating to think the final product won't be available until 2015. If sony announces and releases a true VR headset for the PS4 this year(not the new HMZ whatever), they'll lose their biggest advantage: being the first to the market. And it's not only sony, valve is reportedly working on a vr headset of their own and there are also castAR, glyph and infinityEye as minor competitors as well.

On a side note why did they even bother showing a prototype at CES anyway? It's not like they need to attract funding and investors anymore. And it's hard to imagine that the CES crowd doesn't know about the rift anyway. At this R&D stage, secrecy is one of the keys for success.

about 8 months ago

Sony Announces Game Streaming Service

aiadot Re:Cloud gaming = DRM.. (144 comments)

It's the ultimate DRM. The only way to make a pirate copy of a cloud only streamed game is to rewrite the game yourself, to hack in their file servers or to physically steal one of their servers hardware with the copy. And cloud gaming is just the tip of the ice berg. Eventually everybody will have a 100Mbps+ low latency networks. It may take another decade or two but I'm sure it will happen, at least in the developed world. And when that happens, local computing machines, such as consoles and computers(and maybe even tablets and smartphones) as we know will pretty much cease to exist in the consumer mainstream marketplace. Everything will be a set up box to stream not only music and video but games and applications.

On a side note I really want that 4K projector that was announced right after the PS Now announcement.

about 8 months ago

Why CES Is a Bad Scene For Startups

aiadot It depends (89 comments)

Contrary to popular belief CES is not 100% about consumer electronics. The company I work for is currently at CES and have been for the past 2 years(as long as we existed). And guess what: we have no consumer products at all. Everything is B2B. And based on our experience it's been a good place(although not the best) to find big corporate clients. Unless you're a small company/start up trying to get in to a red ocean, you'll be fine.

about 9 months ago

Augmented-Reality Contact Lens Prototype Coming To CES

aiadot Re:Damn.... (38 comments)

5 years ago cell phones were rather clumsy

5 years ago was 2009. Touch screen only Android 2.2 and iOS4 smartphones were already out. The difference between a a phone from today and 2009 and a phone from, 2009 and 2004 is much, much smaller (including even the advanced for the time Japanese feature phones). Not disagreeing with your point but, not really a good example.

On a side note I think it's going to take ages until there are processors and batteries small enough for making that lens an useful or desirable product. There is a good chance that company might go under even before releasing a final product. Just like electric cars. Over many decades several attempts were made and only recently with Tesla and Nissan we started seeing some good stuff.

about 9 months ago

Japanese SCHAFT Takes the Gold at DARPA Robot Challenge

aiadot Re:Humanoid robots are kind of dumb to me (51 comments)

Yeah, since we're talking about DARPA here, it's much more economical to make a robot that can share some of the hardware like guns and tools with humans than to make new connectors or protocols just for that.

There is also the psychological issue in things like healthcare or costumer service. For many people I think it's safer to say that they'll be more comfortable talking to a robot that looks like as human as possible than some menacing looking robot manipulator on wheels. And I don't think I need to explain why humanoid sexbots will be the best selling sexbots out there.

Finally, even in the case everything I said above turns out not to be important, there is the academic value. Many of the technological advances made for humanoids can be transferred over to other types of robotics.

about 9 months ago

Under the Hood of SteamOS

aiadot Re:No not really (201 comments)

How many of those 9,000 windows steam games run on the consoles? (BTW it's closer to 3,000 - 3,500 unique windows games - excluding DLC). Somebody that already has a gaming PC (presumably with Steam) isn't the target demographic of this push. Folks who want console level convenience but would be open to saving money buying on Steam are. And what will they see when Steam Machines launch early next year? PS4 169 Total Games released and announced XBONE 77 Total Games released and announced Steam Machine 300+ games already released (and purchasable) *and* more coming soon.

Technically you are correct when you point out the number of games. But I don't think that doesn't really mean a lot. The PS Vita has over 1300 games available for it on the PSN and look how great its doing. I'd rather buy a platform that has one game I want than a platform with thousands that I don't.

Have a handful of system sellers is more important than having 100s of games no one cares about. Those 300 games? Mostly old Valve first party and indies that are available everywhere. A good chunk of hot PC games(Blizzard games, LoL, Minecraft, Origin) are not even on Steam, and even if those games were on Linux I find it hard to imagine the average joe sideloading the apps (basically the Android/Google Play situation).

I think the extra competition by the Steam Machines are a great opportunity for traditional console makers to review some of their outdated practices and offer more interesting products. Currently the only reason I buy consoles alongside my gaming PC are for the exclusives games(and the lack of which is also the reason I'm not interested on Steam OS). And because of that I wish them good but yeah, they will have to do something about that library. As for the other features, while interesting, they're secondary. Game consoles are for games. Steam machines are just open gaming consoles.

about 9 months ago


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