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Grafitti Causes Paralysis?

ak MS FUD ??? (159 comments)

Am I just paranoid or this really is a MS inspired FUD.

Methinks there is a method to this madness.

- A ploy to push a bloated win CE in your palm (your entire arm actually -- you need to carry
your car batteries... :-) [that was fud btw] ).

- Note Win CEs don't have a scribbling pen input.

- Palm rocks! I am a happy palm user. And I will
stand by its usefulness. If you don't like
graffiti use its competetors like upcoming

- now with MS-ATT even the cable tv will sport a
blue screen of death! MS wants us to see blue
everywhere -- afterall sky(blue) is the limit

- ak.

more than 15 years ago


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