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Oops! Missed One Fix — Windows Attacks Under Way

akad0nric0 Re:That's good thinking... (292 comments)

Holding back your zero day exploits until directly after the MS Patchday...if your bug hasn't been removed, then you have up to a full month of time to abuse it.


What makes you think MS released their advisory as soon as they learned about the exploit?

more than 6 years ago

Old Malware Tricks Still Defeat Most AV Scanners

akad0nric0 Their next move... (122 comments)

...will be to invest money in marketing to find some way in which this study is not "fair"; in other words, how it doesn't align with limited and unrealistic testing methodology that only focuses on very specific ways their tools succeed in detecting malware.

They've done (Skoudis) it before (Secunia).

more than 6 years ago


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