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Microsoft Taking Apple's Walled Garden Approach For Metro Apps

akheron01 Re:Stallman was right (389 comments)

I have to deal with these people everyday at work. They work in all of the not-directly-computer-related departments from engineering to shipping. I change the subject and ask them about work related things when they bad mouth me for using an Apple branded computer from which I have several operating systems running through virtualization and am trying to get some programming done....

more than 3 years ago

Alienware Puts 64GB Solid-State Drives In Desktops

akheron01 Until they notice the throughput (235 comments)

The parts have been available for someone with a couple thousand dollars to throw around to build themself a flash based laptop for some time now. I did all of the research and considered doing it myself, but realized that the throughput speeds of current flash technologies are far too abysmal for desktop computing. It works fine for a little web browsing and music listening station, but try working with some big media like centi-layered photoshop files and video.

about 7 years ago


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