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Australian Govt. Proposes Internet "Panic Button" For Kids

akselsm Got that in Norway (434 comments)

Here in Norway, the police is present, and has a big, red "POLITI" button on Facebook, Twitter as well as in Windows Live Messenger, and on Norwegian social networks (biip.no, nettby.no). The button is linked to a chat service with officers from Kripos (National Crime Unit). Apparently, children have reported abuse (violence by parents) as well as bullying, enabling Social Services to react.

more than 5 years ago

Opera 10.0 released, ready to "Unite" the

akselsm Err.. Not Opera 10. (1 comments)

Opera Unite is not Opera 10.00. It is a service coming with the release of Opera 10.00 (codenamed Peregrine). It is available in an Opera Labs release (snapshot) as of right now - dubbed "Opera Unite alpha". They did the same thing with Opera Turbo, released it as a standalone snapshot dubbed "Opera Turbo alpha".

I don't think Opera 10.00 final will be available for at least half a year.

more than 5 years ago


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