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aldheorte Re:Guess It Is Back To Lighttpd + FastCGI (616 comments)

I'm not making any argument against Mongrel technically. I was trying to soft play it, but here's the hard version: Do you really want a piece of code in your software stack from a guy that is a loose cannon like that? Now that the cannon has gone off, do you want to be pulling updates from this guy's svn server into your software stack? A project is both about the people and the code. This is why, contrary to this guy's opinion, Rails is good (and more so on the people than the code, actually).

I can longer consider using Mongrel unless there is independent review and/or this guy's committer access is revoked. Permanently. Since the only person who can revoke it is him, for Mongrel to be useful, someone needs to fork it right now from a 'last known good' version, into an independently controlled repository.

Failing that, my message to other people using Rails is that there is alternatives to Mongrel, so don't let not wanting to use Mongrel dissuade you using Rails.

about 7 years ago



aldheorte aldheorte writes  |  more than 8 years ago

aldheorte (162967) writes "A chemical plant has cooked off in Apex, North Carolina, 10 miles southwest of Raleigh. Flames reaching 150 feet, multiple explosions, and a lingering cloud containing toxic chlorine gas that is slowly spreading have been observed. More than 100 people have already been hospitalized and police and emergency personnel are evacuating at least 16,000 people from the surrounding area, with more to come if the plume spreads or an incoming weather front changes the wind direction. In the early hours, journalists have already turned up a very poor safety record at the plant, citing multiple assessed violations for the storage of toxic chemicals and lack of disaster planning earlier this year. Roads are continuing to be shut down all around the site, including one highway servicing the Raleigh tech corridor, and police are arresting anyone trying to reach the scene."

aldheorte aldheorte writes  |  more than 8 years ago

aldheorte (162967) writes "Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist, whose family contributed to the $10 million Ansari X Prize that has received much discussion here, reached the ISS yesterday. Born in Iran and wanting to be an astronaut at a young age, she emigrated to the United States while a teenager. After working for MCI, she started a telecommunications company that she later sold for many millions of dollars. From those proceeds came the Ansari X Prize contribution and the purchase of one ticket, destination ISS."

aldheorte aldheorte writes  |  more than 8 years ago

aldheorte (162967) writes "Okay, okay, so it is probably just something that drifted out of the cargo bay during repacking, but I bet that subject caught your attention. Anyway, a 'small and dark' object was sighted floating nearby the space shuttle during preparations for landing. To be on the safe side, NASA is delaying the landing for a day while they check it out. Story at BBC."


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