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Netflix CFO Sees No Future for Amazon Rentals

aldoman Re:4 a month = useless. (136 comments)

Ah yes, but look at how Amazon places this. Go to and search for a DVD. Just below the 'buy' button is an 'add to rental' button (and also below the picture and basic info is a huge 'rent this dvd' banner). They are going to get a hell of a lot of people which only watch 4-6 DVDs a month and for cheaper than one dvd they could rent 6 for a month. To most, that seems like a great deal, especially when you can keep each DVD for 15 days (on the 3 at a time, 6/month plan).

Their turnaround is also very, very good and their selection is unmatched. Compare this with the likes of Lovefilm and screenselect which are really suffering lately - 5 days+ to turn around 2 DVDs - at that point you are wondering why you are paying for an 'unlimited' service at all.

more than 9 years ago


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