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German Federal Police Helicopter Circles US Consulate

alendit Parlament election (239 comments)

Just to give some background: Germany will have parlament elections on Sep 22nd, i.e. in 2 weeks.

about 10 months ago

Don't Panic, But We've Passed Peak Apple (and Google, and Facebook)

alendit Re:Glass??? (307 comments)

I can't imagine how much R&D went into this new geometric form, they call "cylinder". Now, they just have to patent it so not one can't wrongfully profit from their innovation.

about a year ago

In UK, Search Engines Urged To Block More Online Porn Sites

alendit Re:Think of the children blah blah (186 comments)

Wait, are you saying we should censor all sources where kids can find out that there is no Santa? (kidding, of course)

But seriously, you know not every kid believes in this bull, don't you? And they don't grow up depressed because of it or anything. And you don't have to believe the stories to enjoy them, or else there wouldn't be any fantasy fans.Give children some credit, they are young, not retarded.

And nobody is suggesting sitting anyone before anything. But if my kid, by chance, would find 4chan, I would try my best to explain what it is and sure as hell not forbid him to visit it ever again (image how that would work out).

tl;dr: censorship is not the solution.

about a year ago

In UK, Search Engines Urged To Block More Online Porn Sites

alendit Re:Think of the children blah blah (186 comments)

Subtle trolling from an AC hinting that being gay is somehow abnormal? How original...

And I would be the first one to show my kid how to circumvent such software.

about a year ago

In UK, Search Engines Urged To Block More Online Porn Sites

alendit Re:Think of the children blah blah (186 comments)

How about parents doing more to restrict their kids from getting into age-inappropriate things on the internet.

How do you imagine it? Sitting next to the kid and watching over her/his shoulder?

How about we grow up as a society and rely on education instead of prohibition? How about explaining to a child what porn is and how it relates to sex and leave her/him make decisions.

But no, it could be awkward, stressful and demand something like actual parenting. Forget it, censor this shit off my internets!

about a year ago

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Facebook After Girl's Death

alendit Re:facebook is an american company (559 comments)

Let me reiterate what another poster said:

Fuck you, you sorry excuse for human being, for blaming a 14 year old kid for killing her self.

about a year ago

"Terrorist" Lyrics Land High Schooler In Jail

alendit Re:NRA sedition^H^H^H patriotism (573 comments)

The thing that will prevent tyranny is an educated populace.

This simply can not be stressed enough.

about a year ago

Prof. Stephen Hawking: Great Scientist, Bad Gambler

alendit Re:It's OK (231 comments)

From "A Brief History of Time":

"This was a form of insurance policy for me. I have done a lot of work on black holes, and it would all be wasted if it turned out that black holes do not exist. But in that case, I would have the consolation of winning my bet, which would win me four years of the magazine Private Eye. If black holes do exist, Kip will get one year of Penthouse. When we made the bet in 1975, we were 80% certain that Cygnus was a black hole. By now, I would say that we are about 95% certain, but the bet has yet to be settled."

about a year ago

SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes

alendit Re:Twitter-shaming. (1145 comments)

Sexual assault like any form of assault? Then start treating the survivors of rape as such, first. Rape is about dominance, if the society wouldn't put a dominance label on the intercourse, rape wouldn't be an issue. But we are as far from it as we were 100 years ago. Ever heard of Steubenville? Think these assholes did that because they coulnd't get laid otherwise?

And get the fuck down from your high horse! "Your country" is one of the worst in this issue among the "civilized" ones. "Purity" rings, does it ring the bell?

Not that this has ANYTHING to do with dongle jokes. The bitch just misused a just cause (fight against sexism and descrimination) to stir some drama and get more attention. I am glad she got fired.

about a year ago

SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes

alendit Re:Really? (1145 comments)

Thats why there is a loose set of guidelines called "decency" which is quite changes quite a bit depending on the environment and the context, but most adults have an intuitive grasp of. On the other hand, people shouldn't get fired for slip-ups.

Btw, i'm remembering the PMS joke for the next time our servers start to act up (in about 28 days, probably).

about a year ago

WebKit As Broken As Older IE Versions?

alendit Peter Kasting's answer (213 comments)

If you read TFA (haha!) make sure to scroll down to the comment of Pater Kasting (Chrome dev).

about a year and a half ago

The Top Paying Tech Companies For Interns

alendit Re:Sing-a-longs huh? (133 comments)

Wow, I am not surprised someone tryies to troll devs on /., I am surprised there were 5 butthurt people with mod points to make him visible for everyone. Lighten up, guys, work doesn't have to make you feel like killing yourself!

(@AC save the snarky remark :)

about a year and a half ago

Missile Defense's Real Enemy: Math

alendit DEFCON (589 comments)

Someone won his first DEFCON game and thinks he is a nuclear tactics expert now.

(I know how it feels, I thought I was one too....)

about a year and a half ago

Lenovo Could Take Over RIM

alendit Re:What happened? (114 comments)

This, my dear kids, is called FUD.

about a year and a half ago

Previously Unseen Stage of Planet Formation Observed

alendit Re:Very cool! (20 comments)

Present estimates put the average energy density of the Universe at the equivalent of 5.9 protons per cubic meter, including dark energy, dark matter, and ordinary, baryonic matter, or atoms.

The Nature IS vacuum.

about a year and a half ago

Quantum Gas Goes Below Absolute Zero

alendit Older hardware (264 comments)

Sadly, our universe runs on a quite old hardware, which allowed the scientists to overflow the temperature variable. Why the Great Programmer didn't use unsigned longs ist beyond me, rookie mistake, really!

about a year and a half ago

Virus Rebuilds Heart's Own Pacemaker In Animal Tests

alendit I for one (45 comments)

welcome our virus-enhanced guinea pig overlords!

about a year and a half ago


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