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Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros

aleph Re:Stop using GNU TLS (144 comments)

OpenSSL is far far from great (the API, my eyes, they burn! don't get me started on openssl error codes/messages), but it's not quite the steaming pile of something smelly GnuTLS is.

Although it has improved somewhat over the past few years, at least on the "other SSL clients will actually interoperate" side of things.

about 10 months ago

Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros

aleph People use GnuTLS? (144 comments)

Is anyone other than Debian zealous enough to use GnuTLS?

I rarely agree with Howard Chu of OpenLDAP fame, but... http://www.openldap.org/lists/...

about 10 months ago

Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo Form Alliance Against NSA

aleph Re:congrats guys and gals (293 comments)

I would also be wary of taking some of these articles at face value.

You're a big company. You're obliged to comply with stupid asshat law that some ${CITIZENS} approved by proxy through their representative. In an effort to discourage such requests, you do your best to inflate "costs" which you are permitted to recover from the requesting organization....

Suddenly some reporters with slightly less than two brain cells to rub together equate this to "selling customer data".

about a year ago

Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7

aleph Re:To be fair (663 comments)

Because the phone manufacturers who use standard usb connectors are having so much trouble...

Do micro-USB cables stream audio and video? (Remember, Lightning does essentially what HDMI does, also.) Can they be used to transmit device control instructions? (Remember, Lightning handles "dock" functionality, too.) Does the micro-USB spec provide for 2.1A (10W @ 5V) charging? (Remember, Lightning is the new standard mobile Apple connector, for 10" iPads as well as phones and iPods.) Etc.

You mean like a micro-USB MHL port that supports the USB charging spec? That my past three phones have had?

Though you'll only get 900mA@5V with data transfer or MHL active, unless you have MHL 3.0 (which is unikely at this point).

(Okay, not a microusb cable, but it can use the same physical port, provides charging and remote instructions, and adapters start at about $5)

As a bonus it will probably actually work directly with your TV if you dig the cable thing.

about a year ago

How Did You Learn How To Program?

aleph Commodore 16 (623 comments)

I think I spent more time copying out BASIC programs from the manual than playing games on it ;-) (I was six or seven at the time).

My parents noticed my interest and convinced some local guy running a class to take me (normally he only took older kids). He had a room full of Plus4's (going for slightly esoteric Commodore models here...)

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Management Software For Small Independent ISP?

aleph Not cheap... (141 comments)

But you could look and see if Jet is within your budget.


At the very least a base install will give you some billing software and hooks for other automation. It wouldn't hurt to drop them a line, at any rate.

disclaimer: I used to work for obsidian ~6 years ago. they're a small company, but full of bright people and they have a lot of experience in the area. if jet isn't for you i have no doubts they can at least give you some honest advice on what to look at instead that's within your budget, fits your needs.

more than 2 years ago

France Applies Tax Pressure To Google For Republishing News Snippets

aleph Re:The usual black and white responses (350 comments)

Of course that would require a newspaper to make a profit... I don't think squeezing tech companies is a long term viable business strategy though.

more than 2 years ago

France Applies Tax Pressure To Google For Republishing News Snippets

aleph Re:Banned from Google? (350 comments)

But that's not the case. Google honours such requests.

They want to force Google to index them *and* pay them. (Comments from Eric Schmidt that Google might have to stop indexing the sites if such a law was passed, was decried as a "threat")

more than 2 years ago

First Three-Strikes Copyright Court Case In NZ Falls Over

aleph Re:"Making available" is faulty logic (80 comments)

I only see a problem with this if you're *not* a rent seeking industry organization or an artist with an incredible sense of entitlement.

If you're not one of those, then your opinion doesn't really matter, does it?

more than 2 years ago

40GB of Data That Costs the Same As a House

aleph Re:Try Australia (188 comments)

Drifting from the point of the article, but just for reference a 3 bedroom house in Sydney costs $600,000 easily, and in many suburbs well over a million. And at present the 1 Australian dollar is trading for $1.07 US dollars. They haven't had their property crash in Australia. Yet.

$600k for a 3br house? You're talking like 90+ minutes from the city, right? ;-)

$400k+ for a decent 1br+study apartment in the inner suburbs.

more than 3 years ago

Virtual Visits To Doctors Spreading

aleph Re:I am a med student, and I am horrified (215 comments)

Are you serious? More than $100? A visit to a non-bulk billing Doctor here in Aus will usually set you back $40-60. Typically you get ~$30 back from Medicare, but that's the rate for a 15-20m consult. Random person from street can rock up for that, no government subsidy involved.

more than 5 years ago

Anti-Technology Technologies?

aleph Duh (146 comments)

The poster makes it sound like the sky is falling. OMG, if you download terrabytes of data/month on your residental account they might *gasp* charge you!

Australia has had metered plans pretty much since inception. Most are of the "XXgb then shape to 128kbps" variety. There have been companies offering unlimited, but they either go under, or oversell at a horrendous ratio.

If the cost of bandwidth, as a proportion of operating cost, goes up for the ISP, then something has to break. Either they introduce some type of allocation (metered plans) or the overall quality of service needs to go down (they oversell more). It's not some grand conspiracy, it's *possibly* money grubbing, but it's far more likely just trying to keep on top of a ballooning cost.

Really, unless you're streaming hdtv 24/7. it's *not* a huge issue. I have 60gb/month in total, and even when I'm leeching a bit I'll be lucky to go through half of that. Often I'll only use a couple of gigs. And I'm still considered a _heavy_ user ffs.

more than 6 years ago


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