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Image Recognition Neural Networks, Open Sourced

alerante Re:Usage of the comma, very weird (98 comments)

It's acceptable comma usage if you think of "open-sourced" as an adjective modifying "neural networks". A similar example of that would be "The Bill of Rights, Summarized".

about 5 years ago

Firefox Add-On To Track Your Location Via Wi-Fi

alerante Re:How does wifi "pinpoint your location"? (181 comments)

Wi-Fi location works kind of like Google Street View — someone drives around and collects information on the wireless devices in the area. All of this data is subsequently collected into a database, which is then used to look up locations based on the names and strengths of nearby networks.

about 6 years ago

Chinese Restaurant Suffers Large Translation Error

alerante Even more fail than it looks (364 comments)

The Chinese text on the banner (can1 ting1) is simply a generic term for "dining hall" or "cafeteria", which makes this even funnier.

more than 6 years ago


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