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How 4H Is Helping Big Ag Take Over Africa

Alex Kasa Will it ruin natural seeds? (377 comments)

Won't this contaminate and F up the natural seeds people rely on when they can't purchase these? Is the fact that they get weaker purposely engineered? (can't rtfa just now)

about a month ago

NSA CTO Patrick Dowd Moonlighting For Private Security Firm

Alex Kasa In Soviet Russia... (83 comments)

... oh... never mind

about a month ago

EU Gives Google Privacy Policy Suggestions About Data Protection

Alex Kasa Re:Last Straw (42 comments)

Yes, because we Americans are the only critical and free thinkers left in the world. For having spent some time on continental Europe, I can promise you they say the same thing about every predominantly white anglo-saxon country, aka "Five Eyes".

about 3 months ago

Fish Raised On Land Give Clues To How Early Animals Left the Seas

Alex Kasa Well color me surprised! (62 comments)

The ability to adjust to new conditions played a role in fish adjusting to new conditions!

about 4 months ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

Alex Kasa Swift Popular? (315 comments)

How do we even know it's going to be popular in the first place? Does it solve any problem I can't do with C# or Python and/or on more platforms? It'll be a language for little hipsters who hope to be the next Steve Jobs by releasing yet another crappy useless iOS app. I don't know anyone who still bothers with iOS apps.

about 5 months ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

Alex Kasa Metal Gear Prophecies (1374 comments)

I'm always amazes me how more or less everything Hideo Kojima imagines for his Metal Gear Solid series actually ends up existing in one way or the other. In MGS4 virtually all guns have such a security feature (except it's enabled by nano-technology, not watches). This leads to the existence of weapon-launderers who can disable these security features. The UN troops end up getting screwed when the arch-villain hacks the network and disables all their guns. He then pretty much pwns the world (until Solid Snake kicks his ass yet again).

about 8 months ago

Google May Be $1 Billion Behind In Tax Payments To France

Alex Kasa Same as UK (199 comments)

Google seems to be consistently dodging taxes. Shouldn't people go to jail for this?

about 8 months ago

Man Builds DIY Cellphone Using Raspberry Pi

Alex Kasa What's to see? (83 comments)

I'm a second year student of Ethical Hacking. About a quarter of my class chose to do the "Raspberry Pi" project this year, where most of us successfully came up with basically that very same device (minus the touchscreen, our uni doesn't have any, although I can't imagine it would take us more than a couple of weeks of hacking at it to have decent touchscreen support). Mine also has Metasploit and can launch attacks in response to phone call/SMS :) So yeah about 20 second year students this year, probably about 20 in each batch previous years for a few years did this. We didn't make it to Slashdot :'(

about 8 months ago

PM Calls Facebook Irresponsible For Allowing Beheading Clips

Alex Kasa Helping him censor the web for him now (201 comments)

Unfortunately this will likely help him in his quest for web censorship...

about a year ago

Croak & Dagger: Following the Trail of a Herpetologist Spy

Alex Kasa Herpetology (40 comments)

The science of Herpes

about a year ago

How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion

Alex Kasa Re:I read the Onion, I thought it was a joke (91 comments)

While I get your point, and agree with you, you seem to have a wildly inaccurate view of what life in Syria was before the civil war. While you would not necessarily stand in the central square of Damascus and shout insults to the regime, you could still express your political opinions freely. Not all the media was state-controlled. Before the revolution, access to the internet was open and not censored.

Middle-East != North Korea

You and your family would not get beheaded in public under Assad for talking against the regime. It is quite ironic that Assad was actually quite a progressive leader compared to the US allies in the region (USA's Best Friends Forever Saudi Royal Family and Mubarak). While my whole heart goes to anyone seeking true democracy, a lot of the reason why Syria is in such a mess is because Assad is an Iranian ally supporting Hezbollah, and Israel and the West want that support for Hezbollah and Iran to go.

Of course now Assad has crossed the line and there is only one way this will stop, he must go one way or the other. Only thing US and Israel didn't seem to calculate at first is that what's going to come after him is much, much less friendly. They're just starting to realize that now. As one commentator put it, "The Muslim Brotherhood leadership is waiting in hotels in Turkey, ready to take the reins once Assad is gone". Once again, we've played a role in overthrowing a secular regime and replacing it with an Islamist one. We're getting good at this.

However you are right that many middle-easterners "don't get" western humor. Some see things like that and believe it is serious. Also, while here in the west you can openly joke about religion and God (even Christianity), they would not think those kind of things are funny. As usual, we say we're right and they're wrong. Truth is it's just a cultural difference and cultures are bound to clash in an open world with an open internet. It's not just between Westerners and Middle-Easterners though. I'm sure Chinese people look at American shows and think "WTF is honey boo boo? Jersey shore? USA dogs!"

about a year and a half ago

Google Formally Puts Palestine On Virtual Map

Alex Kasa Re:Violence and Palestinians Muslims (338 comments)

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics" - Mark Twain

about a year and a half ago

UK Privacy Watchdog: 'Right To Be Forgotten' On the Web Unworkable

Alex Kasa NO, FUCK YOU (134 comments)

I've lived in Europe my whole life, my privacy is the most important thing in my life after my family. FUCK YOU

about a year and a half ago

Seniors Search For Virtual Immortality

Alex Kasa Re:Nobody will care (209 comments)

I hear you but I'm sure if you go far back enough, everyone has at least one person of interest in their distant ancestry. I seem to have a Greek Slaver as an ancestor and I would love to hear what he has to say about his life, even though I would probably find him morally repulsing and not have much in common with the guy. Also, maybe one day we could have people conversing with ancient "wise ones". If we had a holographic projection of Einstein that could simulate what Einstein would (maybe) answer to a question it could be an interesting curiosity. Of course this would create a problem. Imagine if American politicians could use holographic projections with programmable answers of the Founding Fathers...

about 2 years ago


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