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EU To Ban Neonicotinoid Insecticides

alittlebitdifferent Re:Oh, good (219 comments)

The decision is the science...we should test this hypothesis by removal of the chemical from the environment.....then we review. Talking about doing science but not actually doing anything isn't really science in my opinion. In a lab, it is easy to test into bankruptcy without drawing any definitive conclusion as the natural environment cannot be 100% replicated. Removing it from the _actual) environment is the only true test (in my opinion) and using this approach we are actually performing a scientific activity on which to base future decisions.

about a year and a half ago

EU To Ban Neonicotinoid Insecticides

alittlebitdifferent Thank goodness they found something to try.. (219 comments)

Time will tell if it works. Then decisions can be revised. I'd also be interested to know if anyone has done a study of the effects of wireless communications on bees. Its interesting that the timing of CCD bee problems somewhat overlap with the massive take up of mobile phones and related supporting infrastructure not to mention Wifi and spread spectrum.

about a year and a half ago

Canadian Newspaper Charging $150 License Fee To Publish Excerpts

alittlebitdifferent Re:Don't hack the page..there's no need to. (217 comments)

I would also add...the mechanism is ill conceived..apart from the initial obvious reasons Fancy asking for money....then saying...we'll get in contact with you soon...how overly presumptuous that their content ...anything that can be clicked..is worth that much of your time. That is simply outrageous. The first click should bring up PayPal(or similar) with a dollar figure. Two.. maybe three clicks should allow me to have completed the transaction. In some cases I could rationalize paying...but being disrespected hurts more. They should also understand net dynamics...start at something really small (like 10 cents), then grow it over time. Deployments only get one shot to set the tone in peoples mind about their offering...then its really hard to turn that around. In my humble opinion, they are found wanting with this....and their poor page code execution adds an unfortunate final drop of embarrassment.

about 2 years ago

Canadian Newspaper Charging $150 License Fee To Publish Excerpts

alittlebitdifferent Don't hack the page..there's no need to. (217 comments)

Don't hack the page...Natpost won't get all that money for those duplicated electrons they need to remain carbon neutral. Instead select, then click-drag and drop onto your favorite text editor - this clones the electrons, reducing unnecessary waste and it appears the natpost is perfectly happy for you to do it this way.

about 2 years ago

iPhone, Apple TV Headline MacWorld Keynote

alittlebitdifferent Things iPhone should have had (1619 comments)

I know it's version 1 and not even out of click wrap but as a Mac Fanboy who wants to drop his Winblows Mobile 5 where are the following:

A sim management application to copy your details from your old phone into Apple's contacts framework
Vibrating Ring (A must for meetings)
An alarm clock function.
Ability to open/view keynote, powerpoint or word attachments from the email
A screen that can be seen under direct sunlight
SD Card slot for future expansion
A camera on the front for future VoiceCall expansion later down the track

..and extras like those found on my current XDA Atom:
Voice recognition calling.
FM radio so you can listen to live events in non Wifi zones (In Australia this occurs more regularly)
The little silver circle next to the camera on the back that allows you to aim it correctly when taking photos of yourself (sad..but useful)
Stereo speakers to provide decent sound if you wish to use an MP3 alarm.

Finally - I think they believe they feel they have made the right choice using a touchscreen keypad but I have found like many..that you loose that tactile feel. Even the latest O2 Stealth has learnt this lesson and provided keys behind as a slide in addition to a touchscreen keypad...

Without keys you can't dial without looking at the device at this makes one handed operation fairly difficult.

I recommend Apple place a number pad as a slide behind in their next model or work out a way they can exercise the polymers in the touchscreen to provide temporary shape...well I can dream can't I?

...Not sure what I'll do for syncing lotus notes now that Intellisync is now owned by Nokia...*sigh*

about 8 years ago



AUSTEXT - Australia's information provider for nat

alittlebitdifferent alittlebitdifferent writes  |  more than 5 years ago

alittlebitdifferent writes "Austext is the Australian teletext service based in Brisbane, Queensland.
It carries news, finance information, weather, lottery results, a TV guide and other information. The service is viewable on any television, computer or other device with teletext functionality and the ability to access and view Channel Seven, Prime or Southern Cross. Seven first began test Teletext services in 1977 with useful information being transmitted in 1982 in Brisbane and Sydney.

The Seven Network plans to shut down the Austext service today. They claim the technology has come to the end of its useful service life and is not commercially viable to replace. For us technologists in Australia it is a sad day given the memories the service brought us. Closed captioning services also provided via teletext, will continue."

SDXC arrives. Send sympathy cards to HDD vendors

alittlebitdifferent alittlebitdifferent writes  |  more than 5 years ago

alittlebitdifferent writes "With a potential storage capacity of 2TB and possible transfer rates of 300mbs, SDXC cards will change the face of storage yet again. Pretec, an established company based in Taiwan known for memory firsts, has racked up another by demonstrating the first SDXC card (32GB / 50mbs read/write) in March this year. There are no consumer devices supporting SDXC as yet but this was also seen for the launch of SDHC cards (upper limit of 32GB / 6mbs guaranteed read/write).

SDXC devices are likely to follow middle to late 2009 with the bulk estimated to occur in 2010. SDXC devices will be backwards compatible, however older readers that may have been enabled for SDHC via a firmware upgrade won't be as lucky this time. SDXC, whilst backwards compatible is allegedly chipset dependent. It is likely the first SDXC supporting device will be a HD camcorder and whichever way you look at it 2009 will be extremely exciting for embedded device storage. Potential Energy power savings in devices that currently use HDD's will be interesting to watch. I can't wait for SDXC netbooks."

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