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Twinkies: The Breakfast of Champion Programmers Still Hard To Get

alwynschoeman Masterful marketing strategy? (223 comments)

I'm convinced that this whole hostess economic death and magical comeback was just a masterful marketing exercise with the following goals: 1) renew interest in their product which everybody was taking for granted. 2) hide the fact that they (guessing here) added nasty stuff to their ingredients to increase shelf life. Maybe 2) required an assembly line modification and they creatively found a way to use the downtime.

about a year and a half ago

Women Now Outnumber Men Online

alwynschoeman Reuters says men after facts, woman after relation (255 comments)

So those guys that are using it for facts... Be sure that at some point your wife will have relations will the guys who are not using it for facts.

And I'm unfortunately not trying to be funny.

about 9 years ago


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