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Windows 8.1 Rolls Out Today

alyandon Re:Not much improvement; drawbacks continue (398 comments)

Actually, that doesn't work exactly like it did in Windows 7. In Windows 8, the search feature is divided between apps and settings.

So, in order to find something in the control panel like "Add/Remove programs" you'd have to switch to the start screen, then select "settings" instead of "apps" and then start typing what you are searching for.

Very much a step backwards from the Windows 7 search experience.

1 year,7 days

Hotmail's Spam Filter: The Best In the Business?

alyandon Re:no difference (182 comments)

My experience is pretty much identical to yours. My accounts with gmail and hotmail are both very old with the Hotmail account going back to 1998. The Hotmail account seems to get about 2x as much incoming spam sent to it and I very rarely see spam making it into my Inbox. With Gmail I can't recall the last time a spam email ended up in my Inbox.

However, Hotmail has a pretty significant false-positive rate in comparison to Gmail but I can't make an apples to apples comparison because the Hotmail account is essentially now a throw-away I use for signing up to websites vs my Gmail account which I'm a bit more leery of giving out.

more than 2 years ago

Hushmail Passing PGP Keys to the US Government

alyandon Re:Server-side Webmail Only! (303 comments)

Exactly. I just surfed to hushmail's login page via a browser I hadn't used before. It defaulted to the insecure non-java login even though Java is enabled in the browser and I received absolutely no warning at all about the feature being insecure.

more than 6 years ago


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