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Linux On Unmodded Xbox, Improved

amccall Re:X-Box Running Linux is a waste of time (375 comments)

/me wanders over to pricewatch

nforce motherboard - $52
1.2 Ghz Duron - $33
20 Gig HD - $36
8x DVD - $30
256MB PC2100 $19
250 Watt ATX case - $20
Total: $190

Now the differences:
This system has 2d/3d driver support, not some crappy frame buffer(or limited 2d).

This system doesn't require any soldering or special tricks to get working.

This system has 4 times amount of RAM as the XBox.

This system is upgradable, in every component.

This system doesn't require a game ($20), or any special hacks to get a keyboard working.

If you want a small formfactor fanless computer, replace the nforce2 motherboard with a Via ITX, and then you can have an even smaller, less noisy box than the XBox itself.

more than 11 years ago


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