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Linus Merges ALSA Into 2.5.4

amhax Re:Anyone ever notice how much Linux is posted? (302 comments)

w0w! fucktard. That sure is clever. Anyway, seeing as how this isn't a Linux site, that sure seems kinda strange. It never was a Linux site, the only Linux influence is the owners love of Linux and the fact that OSDN was once a major part of VA Linux Systems. However, you, being the proverbial genious with the huge comprehension of the English language, should have known that. Seeing as how in the last four posts I have made, I have somehow managed to get my karma lowered to -3, noone will probably ever read this post.

The only intelligent thing you have mentioned at all in the above post was going to BSDToday. I am going to do just that. Fuck Slashdot and the idiotic Linux kiddiots.

more than 12 years ago


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Moderation system.

amhax amhax writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I had never before complained about anything on Slashdot. I had been a happy reader/contributor for over two years. Everything was going fine, and I had nothing to complain about. Until today. I posted on a topic, and was modded down with (Offtopic) This enraged me. I would not be upset if I was modded down for fucking around, or on any post of mine that was actually OFFTOPIC. However, my post was PERFECTLY on the topic at hand.

Moderation should have to pass a test on basic level of comprehension of communication using the English Language. This kind of crap REALLY pisses me off. I never complained before, but today is my birthday, so now is MY turn to be pissed.


I have started fresh.

amhax amhax writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I have ditched my previous account and am going to start fresh with this one. IT sucks and I only read Slashdot to see how everyone else's opinions are at the current moment.


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