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Intel Unveils MICA "My Intelligent Communication Accessory" Smart Bracelet

amias Re:Why dismiss 49% of your market? (48 comments)

lol , they didn't just discriminate against a man did they ! shit just got real

about two weeks ago

Could Tech Have Stopped ISIS From Using Our Own Heavy Weapons Against Us?

amias missing the point (448 comments)

We should not make these weapons in the first place , then we would not have these problems.

The situation in Iraq has spiralled out of control from the fallout of the second world war repartitioning of the middle east with not regard for the indigenous people.

war begets war

every time we try and fix it gets worse and now we face the possiblity that the russians and the middle east might unite against us.

we need to back away and leave it well alone and stop selling weapons to anyone.

about two weeks ago

Researchers Say Neanderthals Created Cave Art

amias not art but maths (91 comments)

the grid patterns are a way of doing maths

about two weeks ago

Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

amias fairs fair (542 comments)

you've all made comments just as daft about islam in the past

about two weeks ago

New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

amias Re:Seriously, we're not rapists.... (595 comments)

be glad you don't have to worry about this sort of thing when you go out and stop pretending you have be wronged because you haven't

maybe they are sick of being told they have to do things to stop men raping then instead of you know , men doing things to stop other men raping because its men raping thats the problem not women inviting it , they are not , ever inviting it , regardless of how you think about it, they are never inviting it

about three weeks ago

New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

amias Re: Seriously, we're not rapists.... (595 comments)

just being somewhere is not an invitation to rape , nor is wearing particular clothes , nor is being cute

there is no valid reason ever to rape or trick someone into sex , stop defending bad people you are sounding like one.

how does this sound - "You know wearing that outfit and posting on slashdot is just asking to be raped"

you can argue all you like but if you provide excuses for that kind of thinking you are helping it happen.

about three weeks ago

New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

amias Re:Seriously, we're not rapists.... (595 comments)

if it prevents one woman being raped then its worth it , seriously women are having their lives ruined , it would behove you to do some research before posting about this subject.

If women where date raping men in anywhere near the amounts the men do there would be an outrage.

We need to redress this balance and stop behaving like sex starved teenagers , then maybe we wouldn't be sex starved teenagers

about three weeks ago

Microsoft Surface Drowning?

amias Re:Embrace or Expire? (337 comments)

nokia wasn't by any stretch of the imagination a market leader , it was however keen to ditch its handsets business after catching a near fatal does of windows mobile.

about a month ago

EU High Court To Review US-EU Data Safe Harbor Agreement

amias Re:It's not. But neither is the EU protection (60 comments)

I see this as the EU looking to make US companies lobby their government to stop spying

the USA is not a full signatory to most international treaties which is a pisstake given its puritanical stance towards the rest of the world.

about 3 months ago

Hackers Ransom European Domino's Customer Data (including Favourite Toppings)

amias Re:Improper use of [sic] in TFA (100 comments)

il ya de francais ici , vous et un clod insensitive

about 2 months ago

"Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa

amias Why do people need more vitamin A ? (396 comments)

most GMOs are created in response to a need that doesn't exist because of the nature of who gets to decide about what gets the research.

GMOs are made for profit by businesses to maximise shareholder value/revenue first and to answer the demands of their market second , pretty much like any physical product of a major corporation.

A while back there was a lot of noise about vitamin A enriched rice , which came with many stories about how the west was going to save those poor people in hot countries from famine with extra vitamin A. Most of the hype about that is steadily falling away as study after study shows serious long term problems with GMO and that vitamin A in rice did not transfer into the body as well as first thought.

This is yet another case of big business trying to play a humanitarian card yet retaining patents , lucrative profits and applying restrictive licencing.
It is this kind of 'humanitarianism' that causes the majority of problems in poorer countries by providing funds for corruption and disrupting local solutions or resolutions that allow communities to take control of their destinies.

There is a growing tide of resentment and resistance outside the west which if unchecked will spark off a round of terrorism that will make 9/11 look like a kids party.

We must stop interfering , none of us would like other countries doing this to us , the hypocrisy must stop and it is we the consumers that must vote with our money and our votes to stop it happening.

about 3 months ago

Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

amias Re:Yeah, but.... (1198 comments)

whilst there are more people with autistic and aspergers symtomps working in computing that most other industries there is still an underlying behaviour we all exhibit that is grumpy and short tempered regardless of gender , this is not related but IMHO inherited.

I think the intention of the OP was to point out that we males in the it community need to as a community address the problem of bad communication skills as we are likely to be caught up in the wider problem of male misogyny if we don't take a clear stance against it. We are also wasting the capable resources of many females who are dropping out of tech projects because of this abuse and having to pretend to be men to participate.

We need to reinforce good behaviour and as men we need to confront those exhibiting misogynistic behaviour and make it abundently clear that is not acceptable , just the same way as we do with racists.

we are responsible for the world and we must act like it , no excuses

about 3 months ago

Imparting Malware Resistance With a Randomizing Compiler

amias dont do it (125 comments)

As a professional software tester let me be the first to say noooooooooooo !

about 4 months ago

UK Government Pays Microsoft £5.5M For Extended Support of Windows XP

amias Re:What debian lacks (341 comments)

thats a very large generalisation and though i've no direct experience i would be very surprised if it holds up in a medical environment.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Other People's Email?

amias Re:Not your problem. (619 comments)

only if it was a very very crap spam filter.

most spam filters i've worked on use weightings and so when importing this information it would add a strong weighting for
that user against that mail and not so strong weighting against the mail for other users. Other users could have weighting
for this mail as ham which should cancel the weighting against not to mention many other mitigating factors.

a good spam checker rarely rules out a message on a single criterion.


more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Other People's Email?

amias Re:Not your problem. (619 comments)

only if its a very badly designed shared filter , it should be saying this is spam when sent to this domain/recipient

more than 3 years ago

Stuxnet Worm Claimed To Be Devastating In Iran

amias Re:smells like more israeli racism than news to me (390 comments)

oops sorry , i didn't realise that iran was not a member of the arabic league . i assumed it was synonymous with muslim but it appears not to be.

however for the purposes of israeli hatred it doesnt seem to matter , as long as they are muslim.

more than 3 years ago


amias hasn't submitted any stories.




amias amias writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Hello All ,

I'm not sure how i got bad karma , but i seem to have it . I use to do quite a lot of moderation but someone has taken against me , i'd like to know their reasons and try to address them .

It seems fair that if you are going to give someone a black mark you should explain why otherwise what is the point ?

UPDATE: ok so my karma is now positive , thank you unknown force


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