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The Insanely Great Songs Apple Won't Let You Hear

amichalo Re:I would hate a "World" iTunes (341 comments)

Bite it. I STARTED my post with "While I see that some people would like a "World" iTunes with every flavor under the Sun given equal footing, I would despise it."

I am expressing my view as to why I don't want it - too much to filter through and that time is valuable to me - more valuable that potentially missing out on some great post-Soviet Rock or whatever.

And everyone knows The Office was originally British - you think you have some insider track on that?

about 8 years ago



amichalo amichalo writes  |  more than 8 years ago

amichalo (132545) writes "Today Apple has released Bootcamp Public Beta 1.1.1 which supports the latest Intel based Macs including the Mermon Core 2 Duo iMacs and MacBookPro's. Also supported are the build in iSight vdeo-conferencing cameras and microphones as well as Apple's right clicking support on their notebook trackpads. Upgrading does not require a repartitioning but it does require updating both the OS X and Windows XP images."

amichalo amichalo writes  |  more than 8 years ago

amichalo (132545) writes "Microsoft has selected the popular PHP/MySQL forum software package vBulletin for it's new Zune promotion website, Zune Talk. Further, the site also features Google AdSense ads on the site, rather than their own MSN or recently announced Microsoft Live ads. It is curious why Microsoft, with their large Zune marketing budget and access to Microsoft technologies would select a solution based on non-Microsoft technologies. What do they know that we don't?"


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