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How Steve Jobs Got the iPhone Into Japan

amoeba47 Re:BULLSHIT! (104 comments)

kakaku.com is the largest online price comparison shopping site in Japan, it's very popular. The page shows a popularity ranking list of smartphones. Here's a link to a detail page (ninki ranking / popularity ranking) showing a longer list, most popular at the top http://kakaku.com/keitai/smart...

about 10 months ago

Book Review: Getting Started With Drupal Commerce

amoeba47 Re:What it doesnt cover is speed. (37 comments)

You will find significant performance improvements when using Varnish, memcache, APC, authcache and entitycache with Drupal.

about a year ago

Book Review: Getting Started With Drupal Commerce

amoeba47 Drupal Commerce++ (37 comments)

Drupal Commerce is a well designed and crafted module suite. It fixes all the failings of the predecessor Ubercart as a complete rewrite and transforms it into a new and powerful ecommerce system. Drupal Commerce allows for the development of a flexible and secure ecommerce solutions. We've been using it for a while now on several projects and are very happy with it as a robust, reliable ecommerce system. Great stuff.

about a year ago

California Outlaws 'Revenge Porn'

amoeba47 Re:Problem solved (528 comments)

Shocking suggestion, so complicated!

about a year ago

Crowdfunding Platform For Drupal Development Launches

amoeba47 Good model (38 comments)

Drupal is an awesome CMS framework for web development. It's widely used and has a thriving userbase and developer community ( see http://buytaert.net/tag/drupal-sites for a good list of Drupal sites. Such crowd-funding initiatives are a good way to enable users to "put their money where the code is" and support their favourite open source project.

about a year ago

New Zealand Bans Software Patents

amoeba47 Finally some sanity (150 comments)

As a NZ developer, this news makes me sooooooooooooooooooo happy. That is all.

about a year ago

Drupal's Creator Aims For World Domination

amoeba47 Drupal rocks (192 comments)

Drupal definitely has a "cleaner" code base and better software architecture than Wordpress and a better security track record to support that. Wordpress may currently win on usability, pervasive in the "blogosphere" and provides an ease of cobbling together a site.
However, I think, If you take the time to learn the Drupal API, you will find it preferable, particularly as a developer.
Over the last ~10 years, I've used a range of similar open-source CMS products, from Typo3, Plone, Xoops, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal and out of all of them, I prefer Drupal. I think in particular, I like the flexibility and extensibility of the Drupal codebase, as well as the Drupal development community.

about 2 years ago

Drupal's Creator Aims For World Domination

amoeba47 Drupal rocks! (192 comments)

As a web developer with ~10 years professional experience, the last of 5 of which have been with Drupal, I say Drupal rocks.
Drupal is a great fit for many web development projects. It's 100% GPL open-source software with a thriving development community.
It has a solid a reliable core architecture extensible via a modular plugin system.
Although there's a learning curve, it's worth it.
Like every release, Drupal 8 is making taking steps to improve on the previous, for D8 these include.

1. Integration with the Symfony PHP framework.
This lowers the barrier to entry to Drupal by allowing developers familiar with the Symfony framework to easy transition to building Drupal websites, leveraging the power of both.
2. Enforcing MVC architecture
Drupal 8 includes a new, non-php, default templating engine called "Twig" ( http://twig.sensiolabs.org/ ). No more PHP code in templates.
3. Pure core Drupal 8 includes more in core to achieve the functional requirements, without the need for additional plugins. For example, Panels style layout builders and the Views style report query builder as well as the ctools framework are now in core, along with the usual frameworks such as the Entity and Field API.

I've used Drupal with a wide variety of government and corporate IT projects.
Common server architecture includes, Linux, Nginx, Postgres/MySQL, PHP5, APC, Memcache and Varnish.
If you're looking for a solution for your next web development project that's easy to set up, and supports and extensible and scalable architecture, checkout Drupal, it rocks!

about 2 years ago

YouTube Phasing Out Support For IE6

amoeba47 Re:Still mandatory where I work (481 comments)

Just use the 'non-standards compliant' mode in IE8 and voila, your buggy IE6 code will render fine.

more than 5 years ago

UK Police To Step Up Hacking of Home PCs

amoeba47 Linux anyone? (595 comments)

enough said.

about 6 years ago

Japanese Researchers Aim to Replace the Internet

amoeba47 Re:That's good and all, but... (214 comments)

Actually, it was the USA after WWII that forced Japan to implement censorship in their pornography.
Good old Christian values and all that.
And now, some time on, America has given up on that while Japan has stuck with the old laws from the 1940's.
As far as I'm aware, actual genitals must still be censored in the media in Japan.

more than 7 years ago



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