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Where In the US Can You Get Just a Cell Phone?

an_mo prepaid? (505 comments)

Get her a phone with a pre-paid plan, t-mobile has some no-frills phones available for that even at Target. The cost is .10/min if you get 1000minutes, and they last one year with rollover.

more than 7 years ago


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slashdot moderation sucks

an_mo an_mo writes  |  more than 11 years ago

This thread proves why slashdot moderation system sucks. I'll check again tomorrow, but the top comments moderated "insightful" (like this, or this) are totally off topic, and the posters failed to understand the meaning of the original, article (it is doubtful whether they read it). I think /. coders need to figure something out. Perhaps present comments randomly to moderators, or newest first (I know this has been proposed in the past but why not try again?). I don't have any better idea.


Forget slash

an_mo an_mo writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Once upon a time I was interested in slash. I waited and waited until I got ahold of understanding how to install it. I waited so much that I came across squishdot/zope (which sucked) and postnuke. I installed postnuke in a breeze in 2 different os's. I checked dozens of addons. I admired postnuke's internationalization features (the slash team doesn't care about that). The bottom line:
choose postnuke. choose life.

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