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Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

ananthap Problematic attitude leads to a rape culture ..... (1198 comments)

This problematic attitude of fixating on a woman from afar and then refusing to give up when she shows or tells that she is not interested, leads in many societies to honor killings, disfigurement by flinging acid on the woman and rape.

about 4 months ago

Why You Shouldn't Use Spreadsheets For Important Work

ananthap Re:What he's really saying is (422 comments)

Agreed 99% (except for your use of the word masquerading). I would prefer "forced to substitute for a proper application.. " or some such language. OK

about 4 months ago

Google: Better To Be a 'B' CS Grad Than an 'A+' English Grad

ananthap Re:*sigh* (358 comments)

I've known some excellent programmers ..
Do you CS=programming?

about 5 months ago

Embarrassing Stories Shed Light On US Officials' Technological Ignorance

ananthap Good flunkies? (299 comments)

Actually the super rich and super powerful will have lots of flunkies to do things like carry their phone, make a call, take hard copy of e-mails etc. So they don't need to know about e-mail, ISPs and the like. OK

about 6 months ago

How To Lose $172,222 a Second For 45 Minutes

ananthap Not a glitch in the alogorithm. (327 comments)

So it's a not a glitch in the algorithm per se but a wrong integration by a technician which is basically lack of an automated procedure to upgrade and roll out important software. OK

about a year ago

Google To Support Windows XP Longer Than Microsoft

ananthap Re:Wine or ReactOS Opportunity (154 comments)

Not sure whether it would be allowed (legal). I mean that AFAIR, the EULA said that windows (xp in this case) is the property of microsoft and even though the buyer bought a copy, they cannot disassemble, patch or modify it. Also you can't just sell your XP copy.

about a year ago

Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. 1 Released in HTML Format

ananthap Re:Conversion? (129 comments)

PDFs are static in the sense that you can't change the page dimensions once you create the PDF. Imagine, if the PDFs were created in book format (2-up) and you had scroll up and down to read the the text. The problem would be worse for people on the move who have to use tablets. OTOH HTML .. The drawback with pure HTML (just HTML) is that it's not possible to bookmark a page. In the balance, I would prefer HTML. OK

1 year,3 days

Could Technology Create Modern-Day 'Leper Colonies'?

ananthap Not just in the sense of areas to avoid, but .. (452 comments)

Not just in the sense of areas to avoid, but in the sense of having fewer modern conveniences that we might take for granted, these places already exist. This lack of facilities and conveniences engenders frustrations that eventually boil over and end up as neighborhoods controlled by gangsters or terrorists (as in the "les banlieues" of France).

Imagine the situation in the large and restless cities of Asia, Africa and LatAm.

Some of the facilities that they lack are - Access to banking, good sanitation and housing etc.


1 year,8 days

Jeff Bezos Buys the Washington Post

ananthap Diversification? (150 comments)

Looks like Bezos is diversifying his interests away from computers. So how long does he think Amazon will last"


about a year ago

Employers Switching From Payroll Checks To Prepaid Cards With Fees

ananthap It isn't about unions. (1103 comments)

It isn't about unions.

It's about banks charging fees to their customers - who happen to be mass enrolled daily wage employees - with the connivance or at least knowledge of their employers.

Banks should introduce a zero balance, no frills (and no charges) category for these accounts.

It isn't about unions. Should it be about class action?


about a year ago

India To Develop Military Robots For Warfare

ananthap Yeah, yeah. (169 comments)

As they developed and distributed the world's cheapest tablet to students. .. As they built the best power infrastructure. ..

I mean, as an Indian I am really worried that off the cuff pronouncements with no real basis in facts and figures, or budget will soon become policy.

AFAIK, this gentleman (Mr. Avinash Chandar) is the new appointed chief of the DRDO. (Defense Research and Development Organisation) and this piece is from an interview hye gave when he took over.

This is not say that the DRDO hasn't done any good work. More and more their defense discoveries find applications in the public space.


about a year ago

Hacker Exposes Evidence of Widespread Grade Tampering In India

ananthap A point of view (304 comments)

(1) Considering that for most students this is an important selection test, for which many students prepare single mindedly for at least an year,I wasn't surprised when the marks fall into a bi-modal pattern. I mean where people are programmed to study the same subjects in these mass teaching shops, you would expect this type of pattern.

This bears out the experience I had with a school in South India about 14 years back (when my son was a 12th grader and I helped his school analyses the results). Most marks were in the 90% bracket and a few in the 50% bracket (just pass). The 90% people are mostly well settled engineers, bankers, chartered accountants etc.

(2) Secondly, ICSE ties up with most major newspapers and news sites to publish/link to a published copy of the web pages. CISCSE doesn't give direct access to their database and Mr. Debarghya Das (the hacker) has apparently looked at one such web site. This was in the electronic news in India yesterday.So while CICSE may claim that nothing really was hacked, they have been casual and careless in allowing easy access to everyone's marks.

PS: I am from India.


about a year ago

Opposition Mounts To Oracle's Attempt To Copyright Java APIs

ananthap Since oracle v 7 (or 8) (187 comments)

Since oracle v 7 (or 8), Oracle has released their data base products first on NT and then on Unixes (Solaris, HP-UX etc). Oracle's plaint will mostly help microsoft by attempting to finish off java. If they finish off Java as an open source product we can only hope that oracle corporation doesn't get a cease and desist injunction for all past version of the API that are floating about. OK

about a year ago

Taking Action For Free JavaScript

ananthap hoo boy (318 comments)

For a minute there I thought that there was a new technological invention called NonFreeJavascript. OK

about a year ago

A Computer-based Smart Rifle With Incredible Accuracy, Now On Sale

ananthap Seems unstable (551 comments)

Seems like a highly unstable device that will shoot only when it's aligned correctly. I wonder how well the borderline cases like not found after so many seconds have been tested. I mean, if a novice cant get it to shoot, he will usually reverse the rifle and try to look down the barrel. OK

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With a Fear of Technological Change?

ananthap Dont accept the fads but (429 comments)

Dont accept the fads - like social networking - if they aren't your style but surely you can accept the improved interfaces, standardisation of packages, large app base etc. OK

about a year ago

Has Google Shut Down SMS Search?

ananthap Yes (118 comments)

In India, it was on 10 th May at around noon. To me personally, it was very useful as a simple way that did nor infringe my company's computer usage policy and also easy on the pocket to keep abreast of cricket scores, train ticket (PNR) status, stocks etc. I got it that morning for some query and my post noon query gave "SMS search has been shutdown. You can continue to search the web at on any device". OK

about a year ago

Alaskan Middle Schoolers Phish Their Teachers

ananthap wondering (215 comments)

Wonder what was the exactbscam (or scams) to get past the teacher's guard.

about a year ago

For Businesses, the College Degree Is the New High School Diploma

ananthap Been there for a long time ... (728 comments)

It's been there for a long time in other countries and now with the recession America too is catching up. (I m from India).

It shows the dumbing down of educational standards. America is on the verge of replacing quality with quantity - as we in India have due to the clamour for a BA (Pass) or even a BA (Fail) . It used to be said of America that you did not need a college degree to get ahead but that isn't apparently true anymore.

Looking at it from the point of view of employers, a college degree is probably a way to filter out those who don't know their 3 R s and thus will need further "on the job" training before being able to work in an office environment.


about a year and a half ago

Python Trademark Filer Ignorant of Python?

ananthap Re:Hanlon's razor (261 comments)

It's not stupidity but a business move. If you read the original COMPUTERWORLD article, you will see that the PSF which he claims is a big US corporation, has just a one man office.

The "big American corporation" claim bears investigation too. While POBox Hosting Ltd is a small business, the Python Software Foundation -- although representing the interests of millions of developers worldwide -- is even smaller. Chairman Van Lindberg told me "the PSF is a very small nonprofit. We have one full-time staff administrator and a part-time accountant. All the rest of us are unpaid - we have regular jobs that we do each day and we donate our time to the PSF." He also exaggerates his own position.

That "trading for 17 years" claim deserved investigation, so I took a look on His company bought the domain in 1997, and did offer "Python Internet Services" in 1997 and again briefly in 2004 (trading as "CheapNet" in between). After 2004, the domain just redirected to (although Tim told me customers could request a "" e-mail address). So while the company may once have had products with the name, their new cloud service, launched at the start of 2012, seems to have been a new departure. OK

about a year and a half ago


ananthap hasn't submitted any stories.



Hi, from a new join.

ananthap ananthap writes  |  more than 8 years ago Good day. I am Anantha from Chennai in India. I joined recently. I came to this site via NewsForge via training videos of OO.o via a need to help some end users migrate to OO. I am about 55 years and my interests are: Teaching computer science in schools (part time) and current affairs.

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