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DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

andydread Re:Creepy (188 comments)

The problem with this is that a simple laser detection kit will now warn you that a sniper is training a laser on you.

about three weeks ago

When Beliefs and Facts Collide

andydread Re:CAGW is a trojan horse (725 comments)

I'll believe in CAGW when the scientists quit fudging the numbers and it still shows it...when they can explain historical data that contradicts the theory...and when they can explain why the warming has stopped for the last couple of decades.

As it is, he fudging is so blatant that "climate science" is nothing of the's a Trojan horse for the same lod tired leftist government takeoff of economies. That trick never works.

seriously? wow. Tell you what. Just stick to your bible and fox news. This conversation is for people of reason. You seem to be too far brainwashed by the API and their minions on Fox News, Dailly Caller, Drudge, Linbaugh and the like. SMH.

about three weeks ago

Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER

andydread Re:Democrats getting a pass here? (225 comments)

So Lamar Alexander is a Democrat now?

Has anyone ever explained to you that the Democrats in the Senate have the MAJORITY?

And has anyone bothered to mention that the Democrats in the Senate REMOVED the filibuster, so that the Republican MINORITY has ZERO power to control legislation?

Blaming a Republican for ANYTHING that gets out of the Senate is the height of idiocy, when the Democrats have set things up so that NOTHING can be done in the Senate without their approval. It doesn't take a single Republican vote to get something passed in the Senate, but EVERY Republican voting AGAINST something can't stop it from being passed...

So, if we're talking about the US Senate, we're talking about things the Democrats want to do....

They removed the filibuster of appointed judges. That is all. You are so blinded by Fox News that you think that removal of that filibuster for a specific purpose applies to everything in the Senate. Please do your low information self a favor and turn of Fox News. Geez.

about a month ago

Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER

andydread Re:Democrats getting a pass here? (225 comments)

I have a feeling if the story was about the current House of Representatives slashing ITER funding, we'd see a screed about "anti-science Republicans." However, since the Senate is led by Democrats...

That's more than a feeling, that's a fact.

So Lamar Alexander is a Democrat now? Really? Did you even bother to read the article before you opened your trap here? The fact is Republicans are anti-science unless that science is related to extraction of oil. You have failed misareabley to blame this on Democrats.

about a month ago

Chinese Gov't Reveals Microsoft's Secret List of Android-Killer Patents

andydread Re:Ahh, everything working as it should... (140 comments)

Doesn't it warm the free-market cockles of your heart that levels of 'market transparency' in "intellectual property", and the licensing thereof, that a regulatory action taken by commie chinese is the biggest boost it's had in years? Good work on that free market, guys.

I think the free-market types see patents as a big government granted monopoly. Somehting they tend to loathe.

about a month and a half ago

Head of MS Research On Special Projects, Google X and Win 9

andydread Stop killing promising projects then. (71 comments)


a 'Special Projects' group that would tackle disruptive technology

"But the missions are different. We want to make things better and ship them. That will always be primary for us. It will be secondary for them."

Well you should have fixed and released the Courier dual-screen tablet instead of cancelling it if you wanted to introduce disruptive tech no?

about 3 months ago

Some Users Find Swype Keyboard App Makes 4000+ Location Requests Per Day

andydread Re:This sounds more like incompetence... (191 comments)

Has it been shown that the app has actually been uploading or storing any data? or is it just simply polling the GPS subsystem for location information?

about 3 months ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

andydread Re:Gun nuts (1374 comments)

"guarantees that each citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense" - Bullshit. The language doesn't say that at all, it says a regulated MILITIA.

It's since been INTERPRETED to mean "each American individually" but the 2nd Amendment does NOT say that explicitly, nor was it referring to anything but 1-shot muskets.

arms also means explosives and cannons and pistols. not just rifles.. Seems you are quite ignorant of weaponry and arms.

about 2 months ago

Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android

andydread Re:Market Share (269 comments)

hahaha keep living in your apple bubble. Meanwhile the facts on the ground.....

about 3 months ago

Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

andydread Re:Strangely rooting for Microsoft in 2014 (243 comments)

I was an anti MS zealout and linux fan boy back in 2000. Hence why I choose my name. I was trying to find a post where I rant about MS after the DOJ sided with MS where I threatened to quit IT if MS won!! etc

But today it is different. Mainly because I prefer 3 mobile players rather than 2. 2 search engines rather than 1. Yes it is still bad for competition but this hatred for Microsoft stealing and monopolizing everything is so 10 years ago.

It is like being afraid of IBM today. Weird.

Even if you Android and Linux full time a 30% marketshare for Windows Phone will ensure Google wont get too evil and incredibly lazy and wont' set W3C standards to its own version of IE6 in Chrome. Apple is pretty small outside the US and Canada. No one in China even knows about the iPhone and Android is like Windows of the 1990s in PC's over there with 95% marketshare in the smartphone market.

Many slashdotters are still mad at MS and refuse to touch a win based OS. Fine, I feel the same about Sony. However things change and any company whether it is IBM, Microsoft, or even Google can be evil. Remember when Apple was cool again a decade ago and Steve Jobs was a nice guy who could do no wrong with opensource? Gee look what happened when Apple got power? YIKES. Not so cool and hip anymore.

I think competition where no one can set the standards is what is needed. Another facebook may come along someday if it can do something people demand. Myspace was all the rage too you know. I still wonder how facebook beat myspace?

Google search ... that is heard to beat. They are too powerful and the cost of entry is too great to compete. Google though in its current state is nimble and quick to update. Once it settles down to an ugly corporate behemonth with MBA's afraid of change where cost accountants run the show it will then become vulnerable if and only if someone can make a superior product with much much limited resources.

I would prefer some other company than Microsoft actually. Microsoft hasn't changed their ways. One name. "Horacio Gutierrez" Microsoft has launched a software-patent campaign against open source and Linux in particular in a sleazy attempt to drive up the cost of FOSS in the marketplace. I don't know if you write code but what Microsoft is doing is saying that they own your code. So you write some code that increases compatibility with some Microsoft platform. Microsoft will claim that the code you wrote, even though its nothing like anything Microsoft wrote, still belongs to them. Anyone that produces a product with your said code now has to pay Microsoft a tax. This kind of egregious behaviour in the marketplace is what sets Microsoft apart from Google. As a former Microsoft and Sony Style fanboy I still wont touch Microsoft or Sony products until they sincerely change their ways.

about 3 months ago

Cody Wilson Interview at Reason: Happiness Is a 3D Printed Gun

andydread Re:This will be a litmus test (207 comments)

Dont need the NRA to whip people in a frenzy. People looking to ban certain types of guns and magazines are the ones that whip people up in a frenzy. Those same people refer to Japan and the UK as a shining example, places where guns are outrigt banned. So when you refer to places that ban guns as your example you are basically saying without admitting that we should outright ban guns. These are the type of statments that whip people up i a frenzy.

about 3 months ago

Cody Wilson Interview at Reason: Happiness Is a 3D Printed Gun

andydread Re:This will be a litmus test (207 comments)

When printable guns become more feasible, it will be revealing what the NRA has to say about it. One one hand, you would think they would support this in the name of the Second Amendment and so on. I predict that the NRA will not be able to spit out the teat of gun manufacturers corporate money and will find some convoluted way to oppose private citizens making their own arms.

The problem with your theory is that there are more members of the NRA that are private citizens than those that are gun manufacturers. When you buy into the noise that the NRA are all about gun manufacturers you forget the millions of people that are gun owners many of which are members that contribute more money to the NRA than all manufacturers combined. The pundits on the left would have you brainwashed into thinking the NRA is all a front for gun manufacturers. Take a look at what happened in purple Colorado. Even liberal gun owners that previously supported the 2 democrats that were recalled over onerous anti-gun legislation voted them out on recall. So no, the NRA cannot tell millions of its own members that they should not have the right to exercise their first ammendment right in their home.

about 3 months ago

Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

andydread Turtleman speaks (206 comments)

Mitch McConnell is a riot. Always when the turtleman speaks one should verify the facts and when you look at the data from no other than TransCanada about the number of *permanent* jobs this specific pipleline will add to the US economy it tops out at around 3600. Meanwhile you have Americans suing to not have that pipeline cross their land or have their land commandeered by the federal government.

about 3 months ago

Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them

andydread Re:Sad, and not black and white either (351 comments)

I've seen a documentary where they contacted one of these tribes. They were living a rich life in the jungle actually and were happy and never hungry. They didn't even have clothes. they were pretty much naked. Some missionaries decided to feel sorry for them and 'help' them. They gave them clothes, sodas, junk food and other staples from civilzation and led them out of the jungle into civilization. You know what happened? They went from a rich happy life in the jungle to living in abject poverty in south america. No money, nothing. it was horrible. That is when I realized that indeginous people should be left alone. And if people want to spin it that leaving these people alone is "treating them like animals on a reserve" or whatever then so be it. Those people lived a happy life in the jungle and were well fed. When they came out of the jungle the suffered living in 3rd world slum with no food and no money and no clue how to make money. Horrible. I think the best thing to do is treat them as natural living beings that are living in their natural habitat on the brink of extinction and we should just leave them and their habitat alone. There are no fruits from our civilization that they can benifit from at this stage. They definitely can't benifit from a third world slum.

about 4 months ago

Apple Patent Could Herald Interchangeable iPhone Camera Lenses

andydread Re:Assault Phones (160 comments)

It may be illegail if you put a quad-rail system with a forward grip on it.

about 3 months ago



Microsoft alleged anticompetitive practices agains

andydread andydread writes  |  more than 2 years ago

andydread (758754) writes "We discussed the accusation against Microsoft by Barnes and Noble about their patent attacks on Android. The details are out on the extent that Microsoft has gone to make open source undesirable in the marketplace. Barnes and Noble says that this is not just about Android. According to B&N Its about all open source in general and they have filed a detailed complaint (PDF) with the ITC spelling out what they call "extortive practices" on the part of Microsoft against open source. Now we have a list of the actual patents in question and B&N explaining how each one of these patents are invalid."
Link to Original Source

Microsoft collects more royaties for Linux

andydread andydread writes  |  more than 2 years ago

andydread (758754) writes "Microsoft patent campaign against Linux has ramped up. Wtih 4 more Linux licensees. TomTom and Buffalo among others were snared in the past now the latest victim is Winstron a ODM that has signed a patent license to use ChromeOS and Android."
Link to Original Source

Microsoft charging royalties for Linux.

andydread andydread writes  |  more than 3 years ago

andydread (758754) writes "It seems Microsoft's campaign to scare manufacturers away from open source and Linux in particular is proceeding at full force. The latest news is from Digitimes out of Taiwan. Apparently Microsoft is threating Acer and Asustek to pay Microsoft a "License Fee" for the privilege of deploying Linux on their devices. This time in the form of Android and Chorme OS. So basically this campaign is spreading to PC vendors now. What are the implications of this? Does this mean that if I build PCs with Linux (Ubuntu/ChromeOS/Fedora and sell them I am at risk of getting sued by Microsoft? "But because Acer and Asustek are international vendors of netbook PCs, the actual motivation of Microsoft's royalty charge is to keep Acer and Asustek from using Google Android or Chrome OS instead of Windows Mobile for their netbook or tablet PCs, the sources pointed out.""
Link to Original Source

I-O Data pays Microsoft for a Linux patent license

andydread andydread writes  |  more than 4 years ago

andydread (758754) writes "We just hear about the Linux patent license that Amazon purchased from Microsoft for the right to use Linux on its devices. Now it seems I-O Data is the latest to purchase a license from Microsoft for permission to use Linux. "We're pleased to reach this agreement with I-O Data, said David Kaefer, general manager of Intellectual Property Licensing at Microsoft. Microsoft has a strong track record of collaboration with companies running Linux-based offerings, and this agreement is a reflection of our commitment to partner with industry leaders around the world.""
Link to Original Source

Microsoft collects more license fees for Linux.

andydread andydread writes  |  more than 4 years ago

andydread (758754) writes "We have seen that several companies have paid for Linux patent licenses from Microsoft. It seems that Microsoft is continuing with this strategy to put a cost on using linux.
Now it looks like Amazon has joined the party. They apparently have paid for a patent license from Microsoft for Linux servers. How long are the responsible parties going to put up with this from Microsoft? Can anything really be done about this issue?"


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