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Google Tries To Defuse Glass "Myths"

angrykeyboarder Looking like dork is not a myth. (363 comments)

You might as well have highwater pants, a short sleeved white dress shirt, and a pocket protector.

about 10 months ago

How Dell Is Making Ubuntu Linux More Attractive

angrykeyboarder Re:Hey Michael, how about more Ubuntu Desktops? (160 comments)

Gamers and Enthusiasts.

But the low-end XPS is also just a nice multimedia PC.

More expansion slots and so forth.

I actually could care less about games. I'd buy an XPS Desktop if I were buying a Dell PC because it gives me the options I want.

At the very least, a GPU and a sound card.

Oh and Ubuntu *is* an option with the XPS notebook.

more than 6 years ago



Many Linux users work with multiple OS platforms

angrykeyboarder angrykeyboarder writes  |  more than 7 years ago

angrykeyboarder writes "Many Linux users in fact use multiple Operating Systems. While this isn't a surprise or big news, it does demonstrate that despite the desire of many in the Linux community, Linux alone does not meet the OS needs of everyone.

The author of an article on Linux.com took an informal survey of people on a Linux Users Group mailing list and found 75% of the (rather small sample of 25) respondents also used Windows or Mac OSX.

In addition, the author himself states that he 'recently received a new MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.4 from our corporate [Sourceforge, Inc. parent company of Sourceforge, Slashdot and Linux.com] headquarters' for use with some non-Linux apps."

Link to Original Source

angrykeyboarder angrykeyboarder writes  |  more than 7 years ago

angrykeyboarder writes "Zorpia, a popular Social Networking Website with an estimated two million members (as well as over 54,000 unique users and 1,700,000 page views daily), has had it's Wikipedia article "nixed" due to Wikipedia's policy on "notability".

In spite of this, Wikipedia continues to maintain other articles on numerous not so "notable" (buy most folks standards anyway) Social Networking sites. Many of these sites have a fraction of Zorpia's membership (as shown here).

Zorpia is fighting back by recruiting users to visit a new forum dedicated to the topic, in the hope of convincing Wikipedia to restore the page. The member's home page (accessible by members only) has plea for help and link to said forum.

Complaints to the Wikipedia admin (a college student) who did the dirty deed have fallen on deaf ears.

Yet another classic example of "Wikiality" (as Stephen Colbert put it). Just gather enough of your buddies who are also Wikipedia admins and you can pretty much dictate policy. Encyclopedia Brittanica, this is not.

Yet another example of why Wikipedia has been under so much scrutiny in recent times."

angrykeyboarder angrykeyboarder writes  |  more than 8 years ago

angrykeyboarder writes "Many Ubuntu users expressed surprise, dismay and disappointment when the SABDFL nixed the popular community artwork during the beta phase of Ubuntu 6.10 ("The Edgy Eft").

Some Ubuntu community members dowright shocked. And many ultimately dissatisfied with the final product.

What exactly happened?. Linux.com has the scoop."



Mac OS 9 Diehard?

angrykeyboarder angrykeyboarder writes  |  more than 7 years ago

My sister has been a Mac user since 1988. She uses her computer all the time and notably in her business (she's a self-employed graphic artist).

She's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to computers. She's installed RAM and hard disks herself (unlike me).

However she does have some quirks. She's not keen on software or OS upgrades. Enhancements really truly have to wow her to be worthwhile. She's had been typically 2 versions behind when it comes to Adobe Photoshop (and that was pre-OS X) and hasn't upgraded her Word Processing software (WordPerfect for Mac) in years (and WP for Mac doesn't even exist anymore).

She bought her most recent Mac in 2003. What was the first thing she did when she got it running? She reformatted the hard drive and installed OS 9.

She hates OS X. She says "it's too much like Windows".

I've tried to explain it's closer to Unix than Windows (from GUI to guts), but she didn't buy it.

Only in the past year or so has she started using OS X (and probably not the latest version), but only for "some applications"(she dual boots). I'm assuming she's using it with newer software that's only written for OS X.

But there's the catch - "some" applications". She's still using stuff that was written for System 8...

Do you feel this way about your OS and upgrades? Are you by choice 2 or more versions behind?

Are you a Mac OS X user who misses OS 9?

Inquiring minds want to know...


I got to be a mod!

angrykeyboarder angrykeyboarder writes  |  more than 9 years ago

But only for about 10 minutes.

I log on on Friday and lo and behold, I've been given mod status!

Woo-hoo! The gods have noticed me!

I guess it was just a deam though. I modded 3 posts and went back to bed (I'd been ill).

I get back on again today and poof! My mod status vanished.

I thought I had throgh today (3 days).

Oh well, I guess I'll just pretend it was all a dream.

It was, wasn't it?

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