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Senator Bernie Sanders Asks NSA If Agency Is Spying On Congress

anonieuweling as if (363 comments)

as if the NSA would filter out congress.
as if congress does understand reality....

1 year,23 days

Dick Cheney Had Implanted Defibrillator Altered To Prevent Terrorist Attack

anonieuweling In dutch we would say (242 comments)

'zo de waard is vertrouwt hij zijn gasten'

or something like: as does the subject trust [something], so does he trust others

about a year ago

Why the Japanese Government Should Take Over the Fukushima Nuclear Plant

anonieuweling Not the government (211 comments)

TEPCO _is_ the government.
And Japan is bankrupt.
So let the world that so far ignores the disaster step in.
Make TEPCO leave.
Make Japan cede control.
Have the rest of the world fix it. It's be quicker and less euphemistic.

about a year ago

EU Parliament Supports Suspending US Data Sharing

anonieuweling why hypocrites (153 comments)

Why was sharing all that data with the USA OK in the `war on terror`?
Why suddenly, when the EU leaders and G20 are spied upon, as it occurs, is this sharing suspended?
Why was it OK to violate privacy of EU citizens because of US demands?
Why doesn't it occur in full yet that the USA are a totalitarian state and that they want to put their views onto the rest of the world?
Why doesn't the EU show willingness to harbour Snowden, Assange and Manning as a gesture of humanitarian nature?
Why doesn't anyone understand that it won't help the USA at all if they incarcerate Manning, Assange and Snowden? The leaking will continue, just with more caution.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft's Most Profitable Mobile Operating System: Android

anonieuweling Re:Fuck off (309 comments)

Patents are generally invalid.
Did you check how long they are in place? How well they are checked? How corrupt the system around patents is?
That is how the system works.
The system needs a big change.

about a year and a half ago

A New Benefit For Logged-In Readers: Meet Slashdot's ROT13 Initiative

anonieuweling Even better! (261 comments)

Let's use DOUBLE Rot-13 encryption to make it even more secure!

about 2 years ago

Tax Peculiarities Mean Facebook Paid No Net Taxes For 2012

anonieuweling normal (307 comments)

This is normal, only in places where capitalism has gone wrong.
Yes, also where I live.
The lobbying powers of whatever entity have to killed entirely.
The government needs to serve the people and nobody else.
And companies are not people.

about 2 years ago

Gnome Extension Offers a Shopping Lens We Can Live With

anonieuweling NOT a shop-a-holic (72 comments)

When I want to shop I fire up my browser if it isn't already running.
No need for integration into the desktop without a clear explanation of the added features.
I am NOT a shop-a-holic and I do understand we need to shop less to make the future sustainable.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Motherboard Manufacturers?

anonieuweling how? (352 comments)

How did you succeed in finding incompatible hardware?
I recently built an FM2 system around an Abit F2A85X-UP4 without any issues.
Flawless migration from my previous box (ga-ma770-ds3 & AMD 9550).
Open source radeon video driver w/ 3D accelleration.
No chips that are not working.

about 2 years ago

Pirate Bay Founder Released From Solitary Confinement

anonieuweling beer (150 comments)

At HAR2009 (see their website) I bought him a beer.
Will I be able to do so again at OHM2013?

more than 2 years ago

Thorium Fuel Has Proliferation Risk

anonieuweling doesn't matter (239 comments)

This doesn't matter.
Common but obsolete design BWRs can also be used for weapons production.
So the Thorium reactors prime advantage remains: safety.
No risk of thermal runaway.
Implicit safety by auto-shutdown.
Etc, etc etc,

more than 2 years ago

Bradley Manning (WikiLeaks Source) Given Hearing After 2 Years In Jail

anonieuweling usa has issues in this case (369 comments)

will the lax security situation w.r.t. the information involved be taken seriously?
too many people have too much access so the info is not a secret any more.
also Bradley was not in a condition to be granted such access. big oversight/misjudgement by the superiors.
finally the 'national security' horn is touted wayyy too often in the former USA (now UPSA or USSA) so that has no value.
Bradley has to be treated like whistle blower exposing evil governments.

more than 2 years ago

New York Data Centers Battle Floods, Utility Outages

anonieuweling explanation please (186 comments)

Why does the USA have these disasters each time?
Now it's New York.
Their biggest financial center TOTALLY disabled and destroyed for an estimated 50-100 billion dollars.
No real protection against water.
Our 2nd Maasvlakte -an industrial/harbour area- has 18 meters of levees.
What height of protection did Manhattan have?
Do we need to send aid to build some protection against the water for our former colony?

more than 2 years ago

Will EU Regulations Effectively Ban High-End Video Cards?

anonieuweling absurd (303 comments)

All workaround and perceptions aside:
The proposal is absurd.
Now they regulate your PC, next they regulate your coffee machine.
They already made old fashioned light bulbs extinct.
So what is next?

They just regulate and not do it the other way by making the market move in the `right` direction by lowering prices.
So what will this do to our PC's?

more than 2 years ago

How We'll Get To 54.5 Mpg By 2025

anonieuweling ridiculous (717 comments)

55 miles per gallon = 0.0427662879 l / kilometer says google.
1 liter per 23,382903897 per kilometer is nothing special and is done with normal cars TODAY.
So the goal of doing that by 2025 is quite ridiculous.
See the modern Volkswagens, maybe the Prius (although the hybrid stuff is debatable), etc.
Also do think about diesel instead of 'gas': it is way more easy to have high MPG with diesel.

more than 2 years ago

EU Set To Charge Microsoft Over Ruling Breach

anonieuweling What do you expect? (254 comments)

I mean: from a company that has never ever shown a real grip on reality, on perceptions, on quality or whatsoever.
Windows 2008R2 has loads of bugs, even I (a simple sysadmin) encounter them on a daily basis, despite the R2 and despite the updates and fixes. The MFing OS corrupts it's own files (related to `features` and `roles`) when just applying the fixes after install.
And they only have been busy with a more or less serious Windows since 1993 or so?
And now you want them to implement a simple feature to select a webbrowser to be 100% according to your wishes?
That ain't gonna happen!

OTOH the sum of the fine will of course be lobbied heavily and is subject to change to the downside.

about 2 years ago

19 Million Americans Cannot Get Broadband Access

anonieuweling more (279 comments)

Only 19 million?
There's more americans on foodstamps!
So why would they need more than 3 Mbps? They have other priorities I'd guess.

more than 2 years ago

UK Authorities Threaten To Storm Ecuadorian Embassy To Arrest Julian Assange

anonieuweling Re:I'm confused (1065 comments)

Confidentiality that is not there.
They work for the people, right?
So why can't they know their direty secrets?
Just because their dirty landry is out they were outraged and the USA behaves like a small child here.
See the treatment of Bradley Manning, see the stance against Julian. No cases against Bradley yet. Even after this time.
How stupid is that?
Would the wikileaks situation really change with Bradley and Julian behind bars?
Wikileaks should be like Anonymous: legion.

more than 2 years ago



Backgrounds of the DotCom raid

anonieuweling anonieuweling writes  |  about a year and a half ago

anonieuweling (536832) writes "Kim DotCom released a video and a whitepaper explaining what happened and why, back when the NZ police raided his home.
Kim paints a disturbing picture of a failed state where certain organisations are beyond lobbying.
The whitepaper is linked in the notes of the video."

Link to Original Source

Lindy precision clock NTP driver released

anonieuweling anonieuweling writes  |  about 7 years ago

anonieuweling writes "Another great product finally has an opensource driver! The lindy precision clock NTP daemon driver reached this week version 1.0.0. This driver enables you to receive the English MSF atomic clock time signal (in Europe, that is). The MSF signal is similar in function like the DCF radio signal but uses a different format. After a couple of days of reverse engineering a first driver was written. Then the firm producing the device got interested and submitted some patches greatly improving and fixing some bugs. One can find the driver here. This driver might be a step towards implementing the MSF receiver driver as an ntpd refclock."


anonieuweling has no journal entries.

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