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Who Will Google Buy Next?

anonymous moderator Re:Australia maps? (306 comments)

I can think of some much better reasons...

Search engine... already got one.

Classifieds... ebay is slamming trading post from what I can see. Google engineers could program a trading post in a few hours... with everything free and listed int he google search engine... would crash the business plan of Trading post anyway.

Directory listings... would be handy to have... for yellow pages could just ask businesses to list for free... who wouldn't take that up!
Put a bit of effort in and you have smashed half the value of yellow pages to businesses without decreasing yellow pages costs. goodbye profits!

mapping... just need the maps... has better maps anyway.

citysearch... does that make money?

Why would google go and buy something that will probably go broke in a couple of years, or at least loose 90% of its profits!

more than 9 years ago


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