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Forum:Blair Witch Project

antf haunting me still... (462 comments)

I saw the movie in Mass. It has been sold out for every single showing at the only theater that it is apparently playing in in the Northeast (?) since it opened every day. An employee of the theater gave a little speech before the movie started warning us about motion sickness due to the shaky camera work. Apparently, several people did have to leave due to sickness. I know it sucks for these people, but I got a good laugh at this.

I am 22 (about the age of the actors) and like to go camping. At certain points in the movie, the reactions of the characters to little details were exactly the reactions that I would have had. Down to the specific things that they said. However, this is only to small details. There were definitely things in the movie that I thought were unrealistic.

I was scared and haunted by the movie. I enjoyed it for that reason. As for the movie being geared towards an older crowd, I don't think so. I like gore in horror movies, but I am not scared by the gore. I *AM* scared by a haunting kind of movie like the Blair Witch Project.

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