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Heartbleed Coder: Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake

anth Doesn't seem to be on purpose (447 comments)

Even the NSA wouldn't cause a disaster of this magnitude just to spy on everyone.

about 10 months ago

Oregon Lawmakers Propose Mileage Tax On Fuel Efficient Vehicles

anth Re:Reminds me of what happened in California (686 comments)

If you are worried about road upkeep raising taxes on tires would make more sense so everyone pays rather than attacking high mileage car owners.

The failure modes of worn out tyres and lack of fuel suggests that taxing fuel makes a lot more sense from a safety perspective. Tyres don't get replaced that often so the tax on them would have to be fairly significant.

I don't want to share the road with drivers who are being encouraged to get as much use as they can out of their tyres. I don't even want to be a pedestrian near those roads.

about 2 years ago

NZ To Investigate Illegally Intercepted Data In Dotcom Case

anth Nothing like what key says about other Dotcom news (53 comments)

The other big news in New Zealand related to Kim Dotcom got a very different reaction from the Prime Minister

John Banks ran for the may of Auckland a few years ago and lost. Dotcom and a few others say that he asked Dotcom for a campaign contribution, and then that it should be two lots of $25000 rather than one donation of $50000 because "I want to help you Kim and I can help you more effectively if no-one knows about this donation". Dotcom's security guard late said that Banks confirmed the cheques had been cleared.

Banks later signed the declaration about campaign contributions saying that those (and others) were anonymous. He claims that some staffer filled in the form and that he wasn't responsible even though he signed it. He also can't remember flying to and from Dotcom's mansion in Dotcom's helicopter.

Banks is now the only remaining Member of Parliament for the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers party, having been added to the party shortly before the last election in their only safe seat. Well, it was safe. That party was the most libertarian-leaning in New Zealand. Banks isn't quite that, and any remaining ACT party members probably aren't quite so happy that he is leading changes that look set to spend taxpayer money on schools that teach creationism.

The police have said that they can't charge him with some things as the statute of limitations has passed, and can't prove other things. Dotcom is talking to the media as much as he can, and going to parliament for photo ops. The police have released their file but say that Banks won't allow his statements to be included. Banks says that was the police's decision.

Anyway his one vote is needed by the government so the Prime Minister is saying that he accepts Bank's word that he didn't break the law. He refuses to read the police file.

more than 2 years ago

New Server Chip Niagara

anth Prices - thanks google (307 comments)

You'll need to use google's cache to get to some of the pages found by the following:
http://www.google.com/search?q=+site%3Awww.sun.com +coolthreads
http://www.google.com/search?q=+site%3Awww.sun.com +t2000

A brief description of some systems here:
http://www.sun.com/products-n-solutions/government /configure/group/ch_throughput_servers_1.html

And "Pricing for FLORIDA STATE Customers": w.sun.com/products-n-solutions/government/florida/ Gov/5.html++site:www.sun.com+t2000&hl=en&client=fi refox-a

So matching the "order number" from the first with the "model" from the second tells us that the cheapest T2000 is "Sun Fire T2000 Server, 4 core 1.0GHz UltraSPARC T1 processor, 8GB DDR2 memory (16 * 512MB DIMMs), 2 * 73GB 2.5" 10K rpm SAS hard disk drives, 1 DVD-RO/CD-RW slimline drive, 2 (N+1) power supplies, 4 10/100/1000 ethernet ports, 1 serial port, 3 PCI-E slots, 2 PCI-X slots, Solaris 10 and Java Enterprise System software pre-installed (Standard Configuration)" and costs $8,295.

You can get the software too: "Solaris 10 3/05 HW2 Operating System - This special release is to install and run on Sun Fire TM T2000 servers. It should be used only on this hardware and will be superseded by the Solaris 10 1/06 Operating System once it becomes available."

more than 9 years ago


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