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Berners-Lee Rejects Tracking

anticypher Re:Some notes from the Phorm sales pitch (155 comments)

did you mean that Phorm's servers intercept everything coming across my connection

Have a look at how BT will be implementing the Phorm interceptor line tap. The equipment is located where it intercepts all flows from all customers on the exchange, filtering out port 80 traffic to be passed to the F5 interception engine. The box known as "ACE" in the slides is provided, configured, and administered by Phorm, although it officially is "gifted" in accounting terms to the ISP to circumvent UK privacy laws.

Nobody knows exactly what the "ACE" box is, but from where it is positioned in the ISP network, it can intercept, alter, or block all your traffic. Not just your web traffic, ALL your traffic.

the AC

more than 6 years ago


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