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Accountability, Not Code Quality, Makes iOS Safer Than Android

aoty A price I'm willing to pay? (210 comments)

Of course a walled garden is safer than the wild west. I bought into Apple's ecosystem for my phone, because reliability and stability are very important qualities to me for that type of device. And I haven't been disappointed with my choice. Where this approach suffers is with my newly acquired iPad. The iPad is quickly becoming my laptop replacement; I do way more with it than is practical with my phone. I've started to bump my head on the roof of Apple's iOS. The limitations can be irritating. I'd be willing to sacrifice a little safety for more options. Perhaps that will come with time.

more than 2 years ago

Wii 'Popularity Bubble' to Burst?

aoty mine is dormant (426 comments)

I can only speak for myself, but my Wii is gathering dust. I've had it since launch day, and once I finished Zelda and Elebits, it sat unused until Metroid. I blew through Metroid in a week and set the Wii aside again. My seriously consider skipping the next Mario (me? skip a Mario?) Yeah. The Wii is been a big disappointment for me. I picked up a 360 last month and I am blown away by the online functionality (you listening Nintendo?). Plus, there is a huge library of killer games with more coming this holiday. I can't believe I'm supporting a MS console.

more than 7 years ago


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