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Why Darmok Is a Good Star Trek: TNG Episode

apcullen Re:Can I vote for.. (512 comments)

... all of them? Seriously the inclusion of a trained Shakespearian actor (Stewart) was the only saving grace of that branch-off of TOS.

come on... it's not like the series didn't have any redeeming qualities at all... is it?

about three weeks ago

AT&T Exec Calls Netflix "Arrogant" For Expecting Net Neutrality

apcullen No. (466 comments)

But it's not how the Internet, or telecommunication for that matter, has ever worked

It's not how you ever wanted the internet to have worked. There. Fixed that for you.

about three weeks ago

Is Analog the Fix For Cyber Terrorism?

apcullen slashdot needs... (245 comments)

Slashdot needs an official galacticawasntnetworked tag.

about 1 month ago

IBM Employees Caught Editing Wikipedia

apcullen Garbage (112 comments)


The interest in Power Computing products is mainly due to Apple’s use of PowerPC processors in its products in the 1990s, not due to the Wikipedians’ interest in IBM.

Interest in the power architecture has nothing to do with the fact that it's in millions of XBOX 360 and PS3 game consoles... it's really all about some products that Apple hasn't sold in 25 years.

And people wonder why nobody RTFA?

about 2 months ago

The Quest To Build Xbox One and PS4 Emulators

apcullen Re:Legally questionable? (227 comments)

Wrong. If properly reverse-engineered, it is not at all questionable, it is legal. If it were not, all personal computers would be made by IBM, and they would have sued Compaq out of existence for reverse engineering their bios and making the first "PC Clone".

about 4 months ago

eBay CEO: Amazon Drones Are Fantasy

apcullen irony (189 comments)

Is it just me or is it ironic that this article directly follows another article titled "Studies show people are biased against creative thinking"?

about 4 months ago

I'd rather be spied on by ...

apcullen Re:USA (324 comments)

The parent's score of 5 is well-deserved... but it is not at all funny. What slashdot needs is a "+1 Disturbing" or better yet "+1 Tragic" mod for comments like this one.

about 5 months ago

The Academy For Software Engineering: a High School For Developers

apcullen programmers now a commodity (56 comments)

The point of this is to turn programmers into even more of a commodity. The idea isn't to produce labor, the idea is to produce cheap domestic labor.

about 5 months ago

OCZ May Be On Its Last Legs

apcullen Rebates (292 comments)

They also used rebates to make their products seem $20 less expensive. There's a new rebate every week, and the rebate expires after a week. So you must file for your rebate the day you purchase, or by the time to go to collect the rebate yours will have expired.Got burned by this once. Didn't turn me into a repeat customer.

about 6 months ago

Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 10,000 Workers, Calls It "Shift Plan"

apcullen You say Tomato.. (75 comments)

You say Shit Can... I say Shift Plan!

about 6 months ago

Steam Machine Prototypes Use Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs

apcullen Re:Intel i3 (187 comments)

It runs some games faster than an 8-core AMD...

Ouch. And probably true for most games, not just some of them. To be fair though, I think most game developers target intel chips and use intel compilers. I will bet that with both playstation and xbox going aggressively multi-core, developers will change that, and we'll begin to see it in benchmarks.

about 6 months ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

apcullen sucks (1191 comments)

The slashdot home page, as it is, is clean and simple. I can read my news for nerds headlines quickly and browse through the stories that interest me. The Beta is not an improvement at all.

about 7 months ago

The Most WTF-y Programming Languages

apcullen Bad Article Title (254 comments)

Given the way the author searched, the title of the article should be "Top 10 worst coded programming languages" or maybe "Top 10 worst Hacked Programming Languages". The article only measures what coders thing of other people's code, not the languages themselves.

about 7 months ago

NVIDIA Begins Releasing Documentation For Nouveau

apcullen Re:Valve/Steam (147 comments)

But they could certainly install them automatically using a post-installation script

about 7 months ago

Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS

apcullen What will Microsoft do? (510 comments)

While it may well flop, this seems like a very credible challenge to Microsoft's dominance in gaming. Given a very specific subset of hardware like a steam box will represent, linux can run flawlessly and offer great performance. Valve can throw together tremendous functionality very cheaply by bundling existing applications like XBMC or VLC, not to mention WINE. As with linux in general, many of WINE's configuration problems and glitches go away when you start thinking about a very specific subset of hardware.

The question is, how does Microsoft respond to it? Do they start looking to pursue intellectual property claims against WINE, or against Valve for using it? (or is this the very reason that Valve is pushing for native ports of games?) What else can Microsoft to to put the brakes on Valve?

about 7 months ago

Gabe Newell Talks Linux As the Future of Games at LinuxCon NA

apcullen Re:Well, yeah. (369 comments)

But Microsoft is unlikely to license any of its OS software to Valve for use on an XBOX competitor. So where does that leave Valve?

about 7 months ago

New Snail Species Discovered In Croatia's Deepest Cave

apcullen Re:Lives in dark? No pigment? (34 comments)

Lives in dark? No pigment?

i.e. -- mom's basement.

about 7 months ago

How Car Dealership Lobbyists Successfully Banned Tesla Motors From Texas

apcullen Re:There's another side of things (688 comments)

REALITY CHECK: There is absolutely NO WAY it's coming to me. Cars compete with other models at certain price points. I believe this is a case where either Tesla makes an extra few percent profit or has to share that bit with a dealership -- which I may or may not be able to haggle with.

about 7 months ago

How Car Dealership Lobbyists Successfully Banned Tesla Motors From Texas

apcullen There's another side of things (688 comments)

So far, nobody's mentioned in the discussion the following angle on the story:

OK. So dealerships don't like being cut out. And they don't like it. Of course not. They're small businesses. They're owned by families, not giant corporations, and those families are terrified that all the rest of the giant corporations will cut them out the way that Tesla does. Is it really so much better when Tesla Corp (or Elon Musk, for that matter) keeps all the profit instead of sharing a small percent with a local family?

I'm not a car dealer. Just thought maybe this was a point worth considering.

about 7 months ago



what was really behind the occupy wall street crac

apcullen apcullen writes  |  more than 2 years ago

apcullen (2504324) writes "Time Magazine guest columnist Naomi Wolf claims that "Instead of imminent safety issues, the timing of the crackdown was far more likely to do with the fact that the Occupy movement was planning something media-savvy at last: a âoecarnivalâ on Wall Street on Thursday in which protesters would telegenically tell their individual stories of hardship, job loss and disenfranchisement. ""
Link to Original Source


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