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Blogetery Shutdown Due To al-Qaeda Info

arakon Re:US Hysterical (330 comments)

Maybe now that he's in office he knows something you aren't privy to? I notice Gitmo is still there, a lot of things he said while running seem to fallen by the wayside. He also has a lot more white hair now. Seems to me being the president is a tough job no matter who it is, because there is a lot of things they just can't tell the general public. Go to Walmart sometime, you think that 90% of those people know anything about the world outside of "made in China" on all the labels and stuff they buy. Most people are dumb and no amount of preaching or standing on soap boxes or posts on slashdot will change that. I'm will to bet that most people out there who think they are smart enough to handle the truth are the same ones who bitch and moan but don't vote, or participate in government to make changes. All the changes in our government are brought about manipulation of the retarded masses. Its very rare that someone with good intentions gets out there and manipulates them for the greater good. SO if you think you know better get out there and get some stupid people to vote for you.

more than 4 years ago

Cryptic's Roper Explains Microtransactions For Champions Online

arakon Re:I smell a re-hash. (82 comments)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I had fun with the game playing it as just an out there FPS. I wasn't looking for an in-depth rpg.

What I didn't like about it was the subscribe to play content instead of pay X for the content to play whenever you like (see guild wars model). Also the no LAN play. If they had charged per expansion I am quite sure they would still be running today. The whole free players vs subscribers thing was a huge fiasco.

Most people were not willing to pay the monthly fee because no matter how they strutted it, HG:L was not an MMO. It did not have the depth/story/character growth that people expect in RPGs.

What it did have was more than a little bit of twitch action that people like myself find fun in FPS games. Quake - Unreal...

So now that the servers are shit-canned I've got a shiny box game that is worthless.

The business model was flawed and was IMO the primary reason it failed. Bill Roper's plan. Not every game is an MMO but he told investors that it was going to be a steady revenue stream and forced the game to a model it was unsuited for.

I think he might be doing the same thing here, using buzzwords to hype a game to investors not really thinking about the dynamics of the game and its audience.

Of course I could be wrong, perhaps from the ground up this is designed to be an MMO and the payment model may very well work, but I won't be buying it, due to the earlier "Bill Roper Burn".

more than 5 years ago

Cryptic's Roper Explains Microtransactions For Champions Online

arakon I smell a re-hash. (82 comments)

Anyone looked up the term "Flagshipped"?

There was nothing wrong with the game Hellgate London but they screwed the pooch with a bad payment model by trying to sell a game as an MMO that was definitely not an MMO.

I smell a another debacle in the making. Bill Roper at the helm is apparently not a good idea.

more than 5 years ago

Choruss Pitching Bait and Switch On P2P Music Tax

arakon Protection money? (119 comments)

Sounds to me like a classic mafia protection scheme. /Insert seedy Italian accent/ "You might find your finances in trouble without some.... protection. Pay us and we'll provide that... Else our boss might see to it that you do have an accident."

more than 5 years ago

USAF Counter-Terror Funds Buy "Comfort Capsules"

arakon Re:huh? (429 comments)

Yup it hasn't improved. C130 hercs, still have the horrible seating, tiny triangle shitter in the back corner. I do think they did recently add a privacy curtain though. The waste actually goes to a small storage tank. SWAT teams (Shit Water and Trash) take all that stuff out of the tank with a hose everytime the craft touches down.

On the flip-side a C130 can land pretty much anywhere that is remotely flat. Doesn't actually need a paved clean surface like jets. So we still use em.

more than 6 years ago



Where in the US can you get JUST a Cell Phone?

arakon arakon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

arakon (97351) writes "I am looking around for a cell phone for my technically challenged mother and all she wants is just a phone, and yet there seem to be no carriers in the US that carry a plain cell phone with good reception and battery life. All of them bundle camera's, pda's, mp3 players and a kitchen sink with a battery life of 2 hours, all for the low price of $350 or more...

Having looked around, the Motorola F3 is exactly what she wants but it doesn't seem to be available in the US. If we order it online will it work on US carriers? Are there any comparable products out there with a similar feature set and price range available for US networks? I appreciate the help."


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