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Humankind Makes Last Stand Against Machine

arfy IBM Cheated (430 comments)

I've read that book and one other on the Kasparov / Deep Blue publicity stunt and oome to the following conclusions:

1. IBM behaved badly because they were desperate for a win.

2. Kasparov didn't behave much better and didn't know enough about their behavior to mount a decent argument against them. He knew he'd been cheated, just not how to put it.

3. IBM got their publicity and dared not rematch under properly controlled conditions for fear of a loss. Hence the marketing spin of Kasparov's bad faith acting, which isn't too hard to believe but hey, it's marketing people on the other side so the brunt of evidence stacks against them.

4. Finally: IBM did cheat. Meatspace players can go home and study before the next game, but not swap their whole heads out for new models which is the rough equivalent of what the IBM team did. Kasparov had a point in what he said, he just made it in such a poor way that he got little sympathy. Besides, a lot of players wanted to see him get his comeuppance and sympathy was in short supply, judging from some of the comments I read and heard back then. But that doesn't change that what the IBM team went beyond the pale.

more than 11 years ago


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