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Non-Profit Space Rocket Launching In a Week

arigram Open Source it! (127 comments)

I suggest we launch a campaign to ask the design to become open sourced so we can do battle over the license and split it among many spacefaring distributions, thus have our own version of Star Wars

more than 4 years ago

Australian Defence Force Builds $1.7m Linux-Based Flight Simulator

arigram Throw us a bone here (232 comments)

So, does that mean that the Linux community will be getting anything back or is it licenced in a way that we won't be seeing one line of code?

more than 5 years ago

Sony Files Patent On "Any-Object" Motion Control

arigram Common objects (69 comments)

Other "common" objects that would be just asking to be used in a game: - Swords, knives - Batons, staves, nunchucks - Guns, rifles - insert lethal weapon of your choice here) I mean, you're playing an FPS or an RPG and you can use any item as a controller? Who can resist going overboard with realism!

more than 5 years ago

Firefox 3.5 Benchmarked, Close To Original Chrome

arigram Re:I understand what you mean (338 comments)

To use the tab close button to clear the last tab open and not quit the whole browser, change this setting to false: browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab

more than 5 years ago

Greek Hackers Target CERN's LHC

arigram Meaning of the Hacker's text (445 comments)

If you're interested to know, the text the hackers left is a childish rant against others that they claim pretend to be l33t but are not unlike them. Pretty stereotypical hacker/cracker message since the dawn of machines. Probably every hacking group in history has written such a message claiming superiority over lazy, unskilled pretenders. It actually has nothing to do with the LHC. The only reason they hacked this site was because as they state was going to be popular, thus a good place to advertise their rant and group.

more than 6 years ago



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