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Federal Judge Says Corps of Engineers Liable For Katrina Damage

arjennienhuis Re:What? (486 comments)

And also shows how silly it is to have what is basically a civil job being done by the Army.

No, it shows how silly it is to let the army do something else than protecting the citizens, like fighting in Iraq.

about 5 years ago

The US's Reverse Brain Drain

arjennienhuis Re:Surprised? (757 comments)

Poverty in America is entirely different than poverty in China. I mean in China there are people literally living in caves.

Poverty in Scandinavia is entirely different than poverty in America. I mean in America there are people literally living in tents.

more than 5 years ago

Behind the 4GB Memory Limit In 32-Bit Windows

arjennienhuis Re:Word for the wise (756 comments)

Even if you would run only one process, you can still use thee extra usable RAM for the disk cache.

more than 5 years ago

Attack On a Significant Flaw In Apache Released

arjennienhuis Re:HTTP hints at a solution (203 comments)

A HTTP response can not start until the whole request has finished. So sending a status code is impossible.

The same problem happens if you try to POST a file that is too large. The webserver knows this after the Content-Length header but cannot respond until after you send the whole file. The only thing the webserver can do is to close the connection.

more than 5 years ago

Google's Internal Company Goals

arjennienhuis EFIGSCJKR (144 comments)


about 8 years ago


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