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To Reduce the Health Risk of Barbecuing Meat, Just Add Beer

ark1 Needs empirical evidence (179 comments)

I volunteer to be the subject.

about two weeks ago

Should NASA Send Astronauts On Voluntary One-Way Missions?

ark1 If NASA were an ISP... (307 comments)

A recruitment ad could look something like this:

Aspiring Astronaut, why join NASA?
-Experience blazing speed* inside one of our rockets
-Survivor rate up to 100%
-Professional customer support associate available 24/7.

*Upload speed may be significantly faster than download back to Earth, other conditions apply.

about two weeks ago

NSA Hacked Huawei, Stole Source Code

ark1 Re:Good for NSA (287 comments)

It will be interesting to see how the US government tries to spin this.

"It was not theft, it was copyright infringement."

about three weeks ago

Target Ignored Signs of Data Breach

ark1 Re:Heart of the matter (95 comments)

Well, there you go.

We don't know the whole story here but it looks like Bangalore was a 1st tier center that escalated this issue to someone in US for further investigation. Sounds to me like the problem was in US.

about a month ago

DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors

ark1 Re:Real subject matter (65 comments)

Historically, the military in many areas is not far from script kiddies if you think about it. Private sector creates weapons, the military points and pulls the trigger. Good to see them training in what is definitely not easy to learn (reversing/crypto).

about 2 months ago

DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors

ark1 Good luck (65 comments)

I hope they will offer pay equivalent to the skill level they seek.

about 2 months ago

Swedish Man Fined $650,000 For Sharing 1 Movie, Charged Extra For Low Quality

ark1 Re:What the hell is the point of these huge number (366 comments)

Yes, it is about setting an example. You may have nothing but many have at least some wealth (House, Car, investment etc). This all can be gone.

about 4 months ago

Canada Post Announces the End of Urban Home Delivery

ark1 Less paper spam? (226 comments)

Hopefully higher costs -> less spam.

about 4 months ago

Jeffrey Zients Appointed To Fix Healthcare.gov

ark1 Re:End of November (250 comments)

He didn't mentioned which year.

about 6 months ago

Most Parents Allow Unsupervised Internet Access To Children At Age 8

ark1 Unsupervised? (198 comments)

People forgot about NSA quickly I see.

about 6 months ago

Security Researchers Rewarded with $12.50 Voucher to Buy Yahoo T-Shirt

ark1 T-shirts not that unusual (2 comments)

Receiving company t-shirts as a symbolic gesture/compensation for discovering vulnerabilities is not that unheard of. However, in those cases there is an actual t-shirt (sometimes personalized) sent as a gesture of recognition not a lousy voucher. I feel yahoo will make them whole in one or another to get some PR points with this story. In the end, I guess a voucher is still better than an army of lawyers coming after you.

about 7 months ago

Schneier Has Something Good To Say About Airport Security

ark1 Presses a button (226 comments)

If hands are cold -> passenger must be nervous -> must have something to hide -> red light.

about 9 months ago

Edward Snowden Files For Political Asylum In Russia

ark1 Re:A day late, but... (447 comments)

You don't revoke passports. Once you arrested someone, the judge may decide to retain the travel documents to avoid that person fleeing justice. But the passport is not revoked, it is confiscated. And that is done once the person is arrested, not while the person is sitting somewhere in the world in a transit area.

Revoking a passport is quite extreme and I have never heard of such action. It is not the usual way to pursue international criminals. Thus it is a different treatment.

Passport Canada (US must have something similar) has a description of actions that may get your passport revoked. At this point I think he does fall in there.

about 9 months ago

Edward Snowden Files For Political Asylum In Russia

ark1 Re:A day late, but... (447 comments)

Revoking Snowden's passport also violates this from what I can see as by removing his passport they're removing his right to travel and hence to leave Russia.

Or in other words the US has pretty much now completely thrown the de-facto document on basic levels of standards of human rights entirely out the window.

Owning a passport/travelling between countries is a privilege not a right. When someone is suspected of a crime and there is a good chance this person may seek to leave the country to evade prosecution, the passport will be revoked. Snowden is not a special snowflake to warrant a different treatment.

about 9 months ago

Edward Snowden Files For Political Asylum In Russia

ark1 Getting desperate? (447 comments)

Apparently he withdrew his asylum request after Putin asked him to stop leaking more secrets. Funny he would consider it in the first place knowing that Russians are likely much worst when it comes to surveillance of their own citizens. Can't see many nations wanting him at this time.

about 9 months ago

FBI Paid Informant Inside WikiLeaks

ark1 Re:Cheap (458 comments)

Before he got recruited, he was a long time volunteer of Wikileaks which means he was probably in trouble with the law. I think he was fortunate to get any money at all from this deal as he had not much leverage. Risk going to jail with nothing or cut a deal for some pocket change and a jail free card - he made the smart move.

about 10 months ago

Google Aims To Cull Child Porn By Algorithm, Not Human Review

ark1 Re:Fighting the good fight (306 comments)

Google already has employees who, when notified, investigate and remove obscene content which means they are already exposed to the worst of what Internet has to offer. When CP is reported, there is a legal requirement to act and remove such content within 24 hours or so. If Google can pull a decent solution, they will have a more proactive approach to dealing with this problem and will potentially save money as less human intervention will be required.

about 10 months ago

Google Security Expert Finds, Publicly Discloses Windows Kernel Bug

ark1 Re:I dislike M$ as much as the next guy.... (404 comments)

He disclosed the bug way back in March then provided an update in May and now a fully functional (have not tested) exploit. While he could have been more discrete, seems to me like this is more than enough time for the vendor.

about 10 months ago

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Facebook After Girl's Death

ark1 Re:facebook is an american company (559 comments)

I don't know Italian law but in some (most?) countries online intimidation/harassment is illegal. In addition of posting the video, they also posted insults/bullying messages which sounds to me like it fits the definition and they could be criminally liable for what happened. Now how can you criminally blame Facebook for what happened I don't know. Under normal circumstances I'd expect a civil case as an attempt to get some $$$ from someone with deep pockets but we are not talking about US here.

about a year ago



3D Holographic images to improve road safe?

ark1 ark1 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ark1 (873448) writes "Vancouver is about to implement a new holographic technology hoping to improve road safety. 3D images of a little girl chasing a ball will be projected on the street to provide a reminder that drivers need to vigilant at all time. How long will it take before drivers start to ignore them and run through those images and possibly real kids?"
Link to Original Source

Study debunks bad gamer image

ark1 ark1 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ark1 (873448) writes "A new study portrays gamers as having better family lives, being more social and making more money than people who do not. Keep in mind this study was done for video game review website IGN Entertainment which has everything to gain by presenting gamers in the best possible way to advertisers."
Link to Original Source


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