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Two Years of Data On What Military Equipment the Pentagon Gave To Local Police

arthurh3535 In Utah... (264 comments)

We somehow need a ton of 5.62 rifles and 7.62 rifles, bayonets, a blowdart, a grenade launcher and a Hellfire High Intensity (something?).

And considering the SLC Metro area isn't _that_ rough and tumble, I'm wondering who they are planning to go to war against?

about 3 months ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

arthurh3535 Didn't I just see that? (630 comments)

I'm pretty sure I saw that in Captain America: Winter Soldier last night. Now they just need to get it flying! :)

about 8 months ago

GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Affecting Hundreds of Games

arthurh3535 Oh, look! DRM exploding spectacularly! (145 comments)

Not that anyone has been warning about DRM linked to servers being a failure. I wonder how much they are going to be sued for?

about 8 months ago

Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

arthurh3535 Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (878 comments)

Did I miss where the USA added a new territory or state recently? I'm sorry, while the US does like to keep airbases in other countries, we don't invade them and force the area the airbase or navel base is in to join our country as a full territory..

The best sign that Russia is BSing about this expansion is that it only took them a week to get a 'referendum' through their proxies, while it usually takes years or decades for it to happen civilly.

about 8 months ago

Former CIA/NSA Head: NSA Is "Infinitely" Weaker As a Result of Snowden's Leaks

arthurh3535 So? (572 comments)

They were over-reaching and taking too much power. They proved that they were corrupt and were not doing much other than infringing on American (and our Allies)'s rights.

They need to be pruned back and learn that we do no live in a fascist state.

Really, some of those leaders who lied under oath should be facing prison time.

about a year ago

Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

arthurh3535 Good! (841 comments)

Because they should be being asked this. And wondering about this. And even at times saying 'no, this is too far'.

about a year ago

Comcast Allegedly Confirms That Prenda Planted Porn Torrents

arthurh3535 Marvel got caught doing the same thing. (175 comments)

They settled so fast out of court is was not even slightly funny.

Marvel essentially tried to sue City of Heroes out of existence because of its character creator. Then their lawyers decided to get cute and made their own characters with Marvel's IP. (I think it was Hulk, Captain America and a couple others).

The City of Heroes creators proved this and Marvel suddenly settled out of court in a sealed contract.

about a year ago

Why Computers Still Don't Understand People

arthurh3535 Understanding? (277 comments)

People don't understand people most of the time.

And we 'understand' a lot harder concepts than computers do.

about a year ago

Have eBooks Peaked?

arthurh3535 No, we aren't in the mood to be robbed. (323 comments)

Because buying an electronic edition for twice the cost of a used 'good as new' copy of a book is _incredibly_ dumb. Baen was actually charging the exact same amount for an electronic copy of David Weber's new book as the hard cover.

For some reason, all the prices on new ebooks have jumped to $10 to $18 or so, at the minimum. So pretty much all of the prices are highway robbery.

about a year ago

Talking On the Phone While Driving Not So Dangerous After All

arthurh3535 But they *proved* things! (418 comments)

Like that talking to someone in the car is just as bad as talking on the cell phone, something I find unlikely.

Bad drivers will be bad.

Now texting, that takes your eyes off the road (and idiots that stop in the middle of the road to make a left turn across double-yellow lines too close to an intersection) is bad.

about a year ago

Whistleblowing IT Director Fired By FL State Attorney

arthurh3535 Bonus! (569 comments)

Oh, look. They want to pay him and his attorneys a lot of money! Great 'retirement' option!


about a year ago

Game Site Wonders 'What Next?' When 50% of Users Block Ads

arthurh3535 Your 'right' to send me ads ends... (978 comments)

... right at my computer and before I see it if there is any (to a .0001%) chance that your ad might send malicious software (including tracking cookies/flash objects) to my computer or if they are so intrusive that I can't read/watch what I'm there to do.

If you don't want to police your ads, that's not my fault. You are the ones abusing people.

We are just not standing for that abuse.

So go away.

about a year and a half ago

CAPTCHA Using Ad-Based Verification

arthurh3535 Re:translation (174 comments)

Time to dump Yahoo, I only still use it for the spam filter which it has been good at but if it expects me to look at ads I will stop using it.

I ran into a nasty 'ad-captcha' that was at least 10 seconds long before it would give the option to 'solve' the captcha. All the time an inane, loud commercial played for something I would never buy.

Yeah, great job annoying people even _more_.

about 2 years ago

The End Is Near for GameStop

arthurh3535 Re:lolwut (393 comments)

> "If none of the consoles can play used games I could see the price of games coming down. AAA titles may come out at $45 or $50 instead of $60."

:lol: Right. Because when publishers eliminate the only legitimate source of price competition for their titles, they will become benevolent toward their customers and cut the price out of... good-naturedness? Rather than, you know, jacking up the rates for Halo XVIII through the roof, because they know that customers would sell a kidney to play Master Chef again?

What I see happening is that very few people actually buy new games and most only buy the 'gold edition' or one or two year old version of games.

After all, I already do this with Steam and on my PS2 for digital only games.

about 2 years ago

Google Declares War On the Password

arthurh3535 Re:Tracking (480 comments)

... Their plan involves authenticating just once, to a single device, and then using that to unlock all of your other accounts. ...

That certainly makes it much, much easier for google to track you as you go around the web.

Wasn't this going to use a ring you wear on your finger? I thought I saw that in another article today from Google.

about 2 years ago

In a Symbolic Shift, IBM's India Workforce Likely Exceeds That In US

arthurh3535 Call Center Work (491 comments)

IBM is a 'service company' these days. That means they basically run call centers. So IBM having a lot of people in India is not surprising nor even an amazing fact.

about 2 years ago

Android Hits 73% of Global Smartphone Market

arthurh3535 Re:Uhh, phones != profit... (601 comments)

Eventually the market will be overwhelmed (if not already) by the number of Android phones. At some point the developers will stop and realize there's a whole lot of people in the other ecosystem.

Now hopefully they actually write an app that uses Android properly instead of some stupid iOS port - I've seen so many that are hard to use on Android because of this.

The big thing is that Android is going on cheaper phones - we just got a plain phone here at work with a keyboard for texting, it came with Android and it was a whopping $150 to buy outright. It's no wonder the shipments/sales have taken off.

Not everyone needs a $600 smartphone, and it's an oversight on Apple's part.

I saw a Tracfone for $60ish dollars at the grocery store running Android 2.1 (I think). Three of the four phones they offer were Android.

about 2 years ago

Artificial Wombs In the Near Future?

arthurh3535 Re:Of all the- (367 comments)

Really? Artificial wombs, FFS? Look around you, Dr. Fertility. The natural wombs are pumping out product at a terrifyingly prodigious rate with no help from you. Maybe you can work on some other organ that we maybe need to stay alive or something?

And that doesn't say anything to people that want to be parents but for some reason they can not physically carry a baby to term. I applaud this as a step to help those that live under that anguish.

about 2 years ago

To Mollify Google on Moto Patents, Apple Proposes $1/Device Fee

arthurh3535 Re:How is a percentage of a device cost fair? (582 comments)

I have no idea if Apple's $1 figure is fair. It's probably a lowball figure to negoti based on device cost is NOT fair. After all, the only difference between a 64GB iPhone and a 32GB iPhone is the amount of RAM, yet Apple would have to pay Motorola more for a license from the more expensive phone! That is ridiculous.

That would be percentage of the *build* cost of a device, not necessarily what they sell it for. And that's a lot less money and probably is fairly reasonable.

about 2 years ago



arthurh3535 arthurh3535 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Arthur Hansen (447288) writes "Movie security or thug?

http://www.sltrib.com/search/ci_5574372 — Salt Lake Tribune Story

Local movie-goer alleges security guard hired by the Studio behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles assualted her while she was turning her cell phone to vibrate to keep her from taking pictures. Security guard alleges that "he could have twelve witnesses that said he did not hurt her."

Local police were contacted, but nothing has come of this."


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