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Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

arvindsg Re:Maybe a Mini (354 comments)

I do not think it means what you think it means...

I think it does not say what you meant to say

about a week ago

Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows

arvindsg Re:I have a question ... (610 comments)

This Modded +3, this doesn't even require a "So it has come to this" to make it a serious situation.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Develops Analog Keyboard For Wearables, Solves Small Display Dilemma

arvindsg Re:Great "invention" (100 comments)

Now that's an idea, Age of "on a computer" maybe over but nobody said you can't attach "on a watch" to get a patent

about two weeks ago

Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World

arvindsg Re:If you wanted us to believe your Op-Ed... (547 comments)

well in C/C++ you can always have a array of void * pointers, pointing to very different kind of objects.... Never say never especially for something so low level as c

about two weeks ago

Texas Ebola Patient Dies

arvindsg Re:The Conservative Option (487 comments)

Agreed lesser people have died of ebola, but number of gunshot deaths is fairly stable, while ebola related deaths might increase a lot over time. In other words, rate of change is also important not just the current value

about two weeks ago

NASA Finds a Delaware-Sized Methane "Hot Spot" In the Southwest

arvindsg That's not very smart (213 comments)

We didn't focus on it because we weren't sure if it was a true signal or an instrument error,

That is not very smart, Such a huge discrepancy from expected value no matter what the reason should be the first thing to focus on. What use were your other measurements if you weren't even sure if the 2500km spot was instrument error or real thing.

about two weeks ago

US Patent Office Seeking Consultant That Can Stamp Out Fraud By Patent Examiners

arvindsg Re:Ask the US Postal Service (124 comments)

Democracy 101:an ignorant citizen wrecks himself and others

about a month ago

UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

arvindsg Re:Might makes right ? (391 comments)

As long as England remains a democratic country, that is ...

I think that depends strongly on the definition of democracy.

I think that strongly depends on the definition of 'definition'

about 2 months ago

Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

arvindsg Re:next 50 to 100 years? (453 comments)

Trillions of planets is a huge underestimate with 10^11 galaxies in our observable universe each with about 10^11 stars

about 5 months ago

Earth Barely Dodged Solar Blast In 2012

arvindsg Re:ZOMG a bad thing didn't happen! (202 comments)

Decades into the future such a ejection will prove as turning point in our war against machines

about 7 months ago

Math Models Predicted Global Uprisings

arvindsg Re:Your masters will learn to tune the system (265 comments)

If a majority of our comrades can be kept satisfied with breads and circuses, then perhaps then any nation will eventually move to the same state we find ourselves in.

about 8 months ago

Psychologists: Internet Trolls Are Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Sadistic

arvindsg Dark Tetrad (293 comments)

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes

Troll of the day

about 8 months ago

Rome Police Use Twitter To Battle Illegal Parking

arvindsg Government getting money != working (157 comments)

The new system, which was created by Raffaele Clemente, Rome's chief of traffic police, seems to be working.

I would argue if it were working then they wouldn't be getting many such tweets. Perfaps you forget aim is not to give more itations but fewer illegal parkings. All we can say is it might work.

about 9 months ago

Engineers Invent Acoustic Equivalent of One-Way Glass

arvindsg Mic, speakers and good two way blocker (114 comments)

I am unable to think of any problem of this that would not be solved by a good both ways sound blocker along with microphone-speaker combo

about 9 months ago

It's Not Memory Loss - Older Minds May Just Be Fuller of Information

arvindsg Re:Twenty questions (206 comments)

In twenty yes/no questions you can identify one million objects or concepts (2^20 = 1024*1024).

That would be the case if 20 questions were fixed, you also need to also multiply a factor for how many unique set of questions are possible

about 9 months ago

It's Not Memory Loss - Older Minds May Just Be Fuller of Information

arvindsg Re:Pretty much sums it up well. (206 comments)

If there only was a way to forget some bad old stuff to make room for new...

Yes there is, its called death( and eventual rebirth of base materials as brand new fresh brain)

about 9 months ago

Up To a Quarter of California Smog Comes From China

arvindsg Re:Article and summary is wildly wrong (259 comments)

Points made in GP are correct, let me explain it this way: 1.)Suppose smog in china is cause of x% smog in u.s., we can be sure x =100 2.)How smog in china spreads to u.s. is assumed to be independent of what was the cause of smog in china itself 3.) 17%-36% smog in china is from manufactured goods 4.) Only 1/5 th of this smog (Lets call it Y) is actually produced from products bound for u.s. 5.) Article states that Y is responsible for 25% of smog over u.s. i.e. 6.) Rest of the smog in china should also cause smog over the u.s, This rest of the chinese fogs which is 4 times Y, should cause atleast 4 times as much smog over u.s. as well. 7) Hence we get chinese smog to be contributor of about 125% smog over western u.s.. I hope you now see the problem, or would otherwise care to explain whats wrong

about 9 months ago



Early 2011 Macbook Pro's dropping(still) like flies

arvindsg arvindsg writes  |  about two weeks ago

arvindsg (1757328) writes "Back in january multiple news outlets including slashdot reported that that early 2011 macbook pro's were failing with dead GPU's, just as people reached end of 3 year extended warranties on the same. More than half a year later and with about 9000 comments on apple's official forums there has still been no official response from apple. Official response of apple support has been to get the logic boards replaced(with only 90 day warranty on it), but which does not seem to fix the problem. Rather what seems to fix the thing is good old lead based reballing of the gpu or temporarily by cooking your macbook pro"
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