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US CTO Choice Down To a Two-Horse Race

asad Go read her twitter feed (284 comments)

Padma twits on a regular basis and after working at cisco, reading her twits and an article by Chambers saying the office of CTO in cisco has 0 resources I feel pretty confident saying she's useless.

Seriously go read what she has posted, her job at Cisco consists of going to events that Chambers can't be bothered to attend. She doesn't manage anyone, she doesn't accomplish anything and her leaving Cisco would only cause a brief shuffling of HR records to note she's no longer receiving an inflated salary and options.

I tried to find a project she has headed or something she has accomplished during her time at Cisco, can't find a single thing pretty amazing to have such a high profile position and yet accomplish nothing.

about 6 years ago

Can Open Source Give Comfort To the Enemy?

asad He hasn't used anything from the website (532 comments)

I hope people realize the whole question is a hypthetical one.

"But what should I do if Amir or someone like him from a country associated with Bad Stuff posts on our own forums looking for technical advice?"

The whole thing is a what if, Amir designed and built the plane on his own without any help from the blogger. The blogger is simply afraid of what happens "if" Amir happens to ask a technical question and oh god help him he might give him an answer.

Iran certainly doesn't have any universities or access to technical books so this forum would be the only source they would have for such advanced knowledge.

I would suggest Chris stay far far away from anyone whose country might do "Bad Stuff" like invade other countries or I dunno torture people in secret prisons.

more than 7 years ago


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