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Columbia University Ending the Kermit Project

aschlemm I had C-Kermit source code from college (146 comments)

I remember I got the C-Kermit source code from college back in 1988. I had to do crazy things to upload the code to a Dual S100 Unix computer at work. I had dial into work via modem and upload each source file using "cat filename" on the remote system and doing ASCII uploads from home. It took me several days but the code compiled and worked so I had Kermit at work now.

more than 3 years ago

Verizon Finally Unveils Apple iPhone

aschlemm Re:Awesome. (480 comments)

You still write checks for payments? I set up payments on my bank account and so I just login to ATT's website or use the ATT application on my iPhone to see how much I owe.

about 4 years ago

What Can Be Done About Security of Debit Cards?

aschlemm Re:Get a new bank (511 comments)

I had to get a new debit card a few years ago as someone got a hold of the card number and PIN code. I suspect I used a tampered ATM machine at a super market one day and I was losing $300.00 a day for 4 days until I logged in and saw those fraudulent transactions. I immediately called B of A and they refunded the money after a couple of days. They started an investigation and then sent me a letter about a month later saying that I didn't have to return any of the I was refunded. Not sure how they researched it but the ATM transaction were made late at night or early in the morning while I was asleep.

more than 4 years ago

Choosing a Personal Printer For the Long Haul

aschlemm Re:No cost cutting in manufacturing? (557 comments)

I bought an HP 4P laser printer which had 600DPI and it was over $900.00 in 1994. I still have it today and it still works. I also bought an HP Laserjet 1300 but it had problems after 4 years of light use. Now I have a Xerox Phaser 3250DN printer so I can print from any machine on my local network. I'm hoping it lasts longer than the HP 1300.

more than 5 years ago

How Do Geeks Exercise?

aschlemm Re:Bike to work (1806 comments)

I'm logging a little over 34 miles a day when I bike to work round trip and have my bike equipped with a rack so I can carry waterproof Ortlieb panniers. I have a head and tail light and wear a bright safety green jacket so I'm visible on the road even in low light situations. I carry some extra bike clothes in case it rains in one pannier, and have my street closes in the other pannier. Since I live up in the Pacific Northwest we can get lots of rain and so no bike is complete IMHO without proper fenders being installed. I keep a towel and toiletry kit at work and have showers available in the building I work in. I also have a spare set of shoes at work so I don't need to carry any shoes with me when I bike except my bike shoes which I wear. I know of another colleague in my building that keeps a spare suit case of clothes under his desk so they don't even need panniers and can get by with a backpack although you eventually need to take the suitcase them to do laundry.

more than 5 years ago


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