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Drug Deletes Fearful Memories

asdf4 Too many LoLs (247 comments)

Its just propoganda from the lol machine (crazy scientists with a sense of humor, propranolol)

more than 5 years ago

Man Amasses 27 College Degrees

asdf4 Thought it said... (13 comments)

Would have been a better story if it was about a guy who had amassed 27 college dresses. Maybe even good enough for film

about 6 years ago

Oregon Governor Proposes Vehicle Mileage Tax

asdf4 Interstate commerce (713 comments)

Prepare for the Fed. This directly affects interstate commerce, over which the Federal Government does have jurisdiction. If you tax such things as trucking companies on mileage then you will see a rise in the price of everything (like higher groceries). So, raise the price on driving and raise the price on groceries? Awesome, now Oregonians are gonna be even more angry with their elected officials and vote em out next time. I don't see this getting put in. They might try it on for size and then get backlash for trying something so silly.

about 6 years ago

PC Repair In Texas Now Requires a PI License

asdf4 Re:Calm down and read the source material (729 comments)

(B) the identity, habits, business, occupation,knowledge, efficiency, loyalty, movement, location, affiliations, associations, transactions, acts, reputation, or character of a person; (C) the location, disposition, or recovery of lost or stolen property; or ----

I don't see how the applies to computer repair shops.

Well, (b) and (c) sound like they apply to repair shops who recover data from someones hard drive. Now, how many repair shops do you know who aren't involved in recovering "lost" data from hard drives? I'd say the vast majority of repair places are affected in those statements.

more than 6 years ago


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