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What Features Should Be Included With iPhone 3.0?

ashwinds Just a few (606 comments)

- wireless sync
- easy tethering
- horiz keyboard everywhere
- background apps
- SMS/Calls blacklist
- Send Contact by SMS
- Copy + Paste
- Flash
..... gee there are way too many and people above have covered it all.... and those features should have made it to 2.0

more than 5 years ago

Cell Phone SIM Cards Lead To Terrorists' Trail

ashwinds SIM Cards (118 comments)

...don't kill people. Unless of course they trigger a bomb :P
It only let them gloat to their overlords on cell phones - come on - they easily could have grabbed that at gun point from any hostage. The situation would not have changed significantly at all if they did not have those SIM cards
*Any* regulation in India is just another source of corruption. India is plagued by a tolerant (or maybe its a care-a-damn) society and a political system which preys on that.
This news is just the same political machinery striving to create an illusion that they are on top of the investigation while their reputation is in tatters.

more than 6 years ago

Chandrayaan Enters Lunar Orbit

ashwinds The Trolls (111 comments)

on this page do not know what pride is.
I dont get the frequent reference to India's poverty in this context. This mission did not dent India's poverty statistics for better or worse. So get over it really!

more than 6 years ago


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