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Netflix Pursues Cable-TV Deals

asm2750 I have a better suggestion (93 comments)

How about have a la carte channels on netflix so I only have to pay cable companies for internet access?

about a year ago

Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 10,000 Workers, Calls It "Shift Plan"

asm2750 Just liquidate already (75 comments)

Alcatel-Lucent has been hemorrhaging jobs for what feels longer than a decade. Time to just close up shop and put all the assets on the chopping block.

about a year ago

Leaked Manual Reveals Details On Google's Nexus 5

asm2750 No thanks (177 comments)

I've had bad luck with LG products so I guess I'll take my money elsewhere or see if a google play version of the moto x comes out.

about a year ago

Interview: Ask President Anant Agarwal About edX and the Future of Education

asm2750 Will there be more EE courses in the future? (73 comments)

I enjoyed taking MITx 6.002x with you last year. Is there any chance there will be a EE certificate program or graduate level courses (specialty courses) in the future?

about a year ago

What Valve's Announcements Mean for Gaming

asm2750 I am disappointed in Valve (182 comments)

I wish Valve would start announcing new games. This console infatuation is getting annoying.

about a year ago

Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

asm2750 Re:Surface 2 Pro, for Pros (616 comments)

I would draw on a tablet screen. I think the Surface Pro is a good alternative to the expensive artist tablets that Wacom sells like the Cintiq and their upcoming windows 8 tablet that is $2,000. Trick is to make the interface small enough to make the drawing area larger.

about a year ago

Post-post PC: Materials and Technologies That Could Revive Enthusiast Computing

asm2750 Re:Arsenide is a material? (128 comments)

GaAs semiconductors have been around for years. The issue is it sucks at oxide growth and therefore makes it expensive to fab.

You can get around this by adding aluminum to GaAs, creating a hetrojunction transistor. Other materials like Indium can be used as well.

The beauty of these materials is you can get different bandgaps making it possible to create a true multijunction solar cell bumping up the conversion efficiency to around 40% which is almost unheard of in normal Silicon solar cells. The devices also have the advantage of running at multi GHz speeds with little issue.

about a year ago

Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret

asm2750 Too bad we cant reuse it (380 comments)

It's a shame we cant reuse the plant with a simpler and/or safer reactor like CANDU or thorium.

about a year ago

Orbital Sciences Cargo Test Mission To ISS Launches Successfully

asm2750 Re:Congratulations to Orbital Science (39 comments)

I thought Aerojet got a license to produce the design in the United States so there is a domestic supply.

1 year,8 hours

Verizon's Plan To Turn the Web Into Pay-Per-View

asm2750 This will accelerate the adoption of Google Fiber (332 comments)

If Verizon decides they want to put a limit on how much can be used on their pipes then let them. It's only a matter of time before Google Fiber sets up shop in Verizon's backyard and eats their lunch.

1 year,5 days

Verizon's Plan To Turn the Web Into Pay-Per-View

asm2750 Re:Simple solution (332 comments)

You are correct. Enough people will complain about it they will put it up to a vote in something similar as a California proposition. Regardless of the outcome Verizon will have alienated their base so much their shareholders will jump ship en masse.

1 year,5 days

Exxon Charged With Illegally Dumping Waste In Pennsylvania

asm2750 Re:No (246 comments)

Obviously you haven't heard of the French Revolution.

1 year,6 days

Chris Kraft Talks About The Decline of NASA

asm2750 Re:Why is anyone interested in the Moon? (262 comments)

Because its the closest large body next to the Earth. It takes a few days to get to if there are any problems and can be used as a stepping stone to other planets since the escape velocity is much smaller than Earths. Don't forget that the Moon also has a source of H3 that we can use for future fusion reactors on our own planet, rather than depending on fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

If you are worried about radiation doses you are still going to get them during the trip to and while on the surface of mars.

1 year,15 days

Autodesk To Follow Adobe's 'Rent Our Software' Business Model?

asm2750 Re:Competition (89 comments)

And no, GIMP is not competition (and I have been using that, since the late-90s).

The fact that I use it instead of Photoshop shows it is. I suspect that as Photoshop start moving more and more to the cloud and users have to pay a subscription, more people will suddenly find Gimp very competitive.

I would rather rent Photoshop than ever use GIMP again.

1 year,26 days

Ballmer To Retire

asm2750 Re:What Microsoft needs (633 comments)

I would like to see Microsoft try to get Ray Ozzie back but, he seems more focused on his startup.

1 year,26 days

Ask Slashdot: Light-Footprint Antivirus For Windows XP?

asm2750 Re:Microsoft Security Essentials (294 comments)

There is a mac version of Avast now. It works just uses alot of resources.

about a year ago

San Onofre's Closure: What Was Missed

asm2750 Guess we'll never see Thorium reactors in the US (88 comments)

It is a shame we haven't pursued and embraced reactor tech like Thorium fuel cycles and heavy water designs like CANDU that can run on almost any fuel cycle with little issue including natural uranium.

about a year ago

NASA Mulling Joint Lunar Missions With Commercial Enterprises

asm2750 Just use 10 year long plans. (59 comments)

Congress and the president just need to quit making decisions for NASA. Just have a few scientists, a representative from congress and the president meet every 5 or 10 years and come up with a 10 year plan for NASA outlining their goals and budget for the decade and then have congress and the president sign off on it. Then keep that plan locked in until the the next meeting unless there is some need for more funding or a large change which would require a special meeting. I'm getting sick of NASA being used as a political football by the morons in Congress and in the white house who are dumber than rocks when it comes to science and research.

about a year ago



DIY plastic molding machine

asm2750 asm2750 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

asm2750 (1124425) writes "There's been a lot of DIY project stories up on Slashdot in the last few weeks such as the Thing-O-Matic, and the DIY Desktop CNC on Kickstarter. Now it looks like there is another DIY device on Kickstarter called MYOS a plastic molding machine. The device seems to use hot glue sticks for the material to be molded, but looks like it could be capable of molding with much more."
Link to Original Source


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