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top — the Evil URL Shortener

asmith.atx Re:Since its a redirect... (116 comments)

you could run in the cloud.. seemed to work well for Amazon

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft, Apple, EMC, and Oracle Form Patent Bloc

asmith.atx Re:First Post (113 comments)

In Russia, Bloc Patent's YOU

more than 3 years ago

'Retro Programming' Teaches Using 1980s Machines

asmith.atx 8080 - Pascal (426 comments)

I was learning Pascal on an 8080 in 1997 in High School. It was retro, but not in the way you think is cool - it was in the we have NO money way

about 4 years ago

Trojan-Infected Computer Linked To 2008 Spanair Crash

asmith.atx Re:Shit. (324 comments)

and then heat killed it.. but srlsy - the most secure server in the world is powered off and locked behind a closed door

more than 4 years ago

BC Prof Suggests Young Children Need Less Formal Math, Not More

asmith.atx Re:As someone who was better than average... (427 comments)

This is exactly why I'm going back to school to be a high school math teacher, that and the prestige

more than 4 years ago

Real-Life Equivalents of Video Game Weapons

asmith.atx Re:Lasers (137 comments)

Guns don't kill people, lazers do

more than 3 years ago


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