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How Do You Volunteer Professional Services?

asmussen Re:Short-term volunteering (366 comments)

His point wasn't that physical labor is more needed than professional skills. His point was that the things that need doing that need those kinds of professional skills need to be done by people who are spending more than a week at it.

about 5 years ago

Software Piracy At the Workplace?

asmussen Live with it or find another job (1006 comments)

In office environments like this, management's stand is very unlikely to change. Trying to change their minds will be an exercise in futility, so you need to just focus your decision making on whether or not you are willing to stick around and be a part of it, or would rather look for another job.

more than 5 years ago

Major MMO Publishers Sued For Patent Infringement

asmussen Re:You're damn right it is too broad (232 comments)

Just because Microsoft coughed up a settlement doesn't mean that Microsoft doesn't have the resources to beat a lawsuit over the issue. It just means that their bean counters did some math and decided that it would cost less to pay these guys off than it would to fight them. Blizzard may decide to react differently, particularly since their flagship cash cow product is being attacked. We might have seen a different reaction from Microsoft had it been Windows that the lawsuit claimed infringed on their patent.

more than 5 years ago

PCMark Memory Benchmark Favors GenuineIntel

asmussen Re:troll? really? mod up again! (298 comments)

The problem with this argument is that with open source software, you don't just have to trust a single random guy for your information. When the source is open, it is often the case that MANY people in the online community will examine the code, and through discussion there emerges a consensus which is far more reliable than the opinion of just one random guy. That isn't to say that the community as a whole is never wrong, but it's vastly more trustworthy and reliable than just some $randomInternetDude.

more than 6 years ago


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