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Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

atari2600a You're underestimating how groundbreaking this is (139 comments)

It's not going to be LIKE the PC ecosystem; it IS the PC ecosystem, just with new players. 10 years from now your Replicators, laptops & server clusters are all going to be sporting Ara-derived chassis. You heard it here first, kids. Why deal with Intel & IBM's bullshit when you have a architecture-agnostic interface ready to go? A computer is the result of an accumulation of standards & as someone that's taken a decades-long generalistic approach to the industry, this IS the new standard. Maybe not in its initial public incarnation, but 2.0'll hit it of just like Android 2.0 took over mobile software.

about 4 months ago

The Billionaires Privatizing American Science

atari2600a Let me get this straight (279 comments)

I explain our current undemocratic scientific system within the [rich-]Western world to my friends & family & they call me insane, but someone writes an article about it & they're a 'journalist'. I need new friends & family.

about 5 months ago

Medicine Delivered By Flying Drones

atari2600a Junkie defense systems? (43 comments)

I walk down Mission St. at least 5 days a month to head to Noisebridge, & any walk down that part of Mission is a walk past countless drug addicts & day drinkers, acting all thug. If these drones fly low enough, any junkie with an unregulated airsoft gun's gonna be shooting them down hoping to find oxycodene or whatever the fuck.

about 5 months ago

U.S. Aims To Give Up Control Over Internet Administration

atari2600a Halfway there (279 comments)

Now let's find a way to replace DNS with a decentralized system.

about 5 months ago

Up To 1000 NIH Investigators Dropped Out Last Year

atari2600a Could it be cause of the open-access mandate? (111 comments)

We all know how the 'bad' researchers game the system by hyperciting to up their impact numbers, maybe they know they can't pull that shit w/ open-access & have moved on to the private sector? IDK, just pure speculation from someone outside the field...

about 6 months ago

Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

atari2600a Re:Science is settled because no one knows what it (497 comments)

So we just ignore all scientific progress from like 1900 to the NIH mandate!? There's shit 3x older than I am that I have to have my friends steal for me just to read. Also, how many highschoolers actually understand calculus? Should we take away calculus? WILL IT HURT THEIR BRAINS TOO MUCH OH NOOO. I might not be with some expensive managed IT firm or anything, but I got where I am today by studying college-level course material when everyone in the grammar 'school' "system" thought I was outright retarded.

about 6 months ago

Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

atari2600a Science is settled because no one knows what it is (497 comments)

College is WAY WAY WAY too late to start handing kids academic journal access. Copyrighted science? COPYRIGHTED SCIENCE!? This isn't real science. Just wait 20 years for the 'real' scientists to take over & you can keep your cute little lab coat you spent $80K/8 years on just so you can skip internal medicine altogether & work for a pharmaceutical company to poop out a new chemical analog that gets you high by curing backpain or whatever but then the class-action lawsuit comes from the stump babys or the new boobies or whatever. Fuck you, currently-still-existing-"science"-community. Fuck. You.

about 6 months ago

RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores

atari2600a I went into one once (423 comments)

I had to pick up a single DL DVD to burn an OS X install disk for my stepfather. The cheapest they had was $15. Just for shits & giggles, I asked if they had any arduinos. The Uno was like $35 bucks. THIRTY FIVE FUCKING BUCKS. Fuck you Radio Shack I hope you die an even more painful death than what you're experiencing right now.

about 6 months ago

Interview: Ask Eric Raymond What You Will

atari2600a TAoUP has helped me alot, but... (126 comments)

I don't suppose you have any pointers for breaking into an entry-level managed IT position from a short lifetime as a freelancer (ages 10-23?). Anyways, guess what your book taught me: alias joke="fortune -o | tee $(tty) | sed -e 's/\n/\.\.\./g' | espeak -v en-us+f2 -s 150"

about 6 months ago

Merlin's Magic: The Inside Story of the First Mobile Game

atari2600a I recall the merlin (60 comments)

I mean, I'm half the age of any Merlin in existence but I grew up with a fascination with the history of electronic entertainment, mainly with a focus on videogames. It was like a dedicated-purpose oversized calculator with like 5 or so built-in games, like most of the time, except it was portablized by its terrible display. The concept itself was further improved upon later by a similar, yet interchangeable, system, then by Nintendo's Game & Watch series, &.....well you should know the rest by now. It exists as one of those critical points in history, fucking fascinating at the time though looking back today only has a tiny fraction of the appeal even by its successors like a year or two later.

about 6 months ago

Horseshoe Crabs Are Bled Alive To Create an Unparalleled Biomedical Technology

atari2600a Aren't these an endangered species? (159 comments)

We should probably figure out how to breed them in captivity before we go slitting a million throats every 2 years...

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Options For Ongoing Education?

atari2600a Your degrees & credits are meaningless here. (149 comments)

In a lot of cases, a shiny new CS Degree actually hurts your chances of employment. Just learn the shit yourself, inside & out, design philosophy & all, contribute to a few FOSS projects &/or throw together some elaborate demo.

about 6 months ago

Five Easy Pieces: Short Product Presentations from CES 2014 (Video)

atari2600a Tango? (19 comments)

Unless they also found a way to modularize the APU, then genericized it ALL with open standards, it won't sell. Think about it: what good is the portable form-factor if it REQUIRES a dedicated dock? A dock here, a dock there, look at that you've ALREADY spent more than the laptop you were gonna get. They didn't even bother to have a laptop enclosure at launch of the kickstarter, because they used that time to pick library music for their ad. It's easier than it sounds when LCD's now have genericized interfaces & an arduino could take up all prototype sensors such as laptop close sensor, battery voltage control, etc.

about 7 months ago

Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC

atari2600a Small court may cut it (526 comments)

Here's how it works. Call the BBB & all those guys, even tell Dell beforehand if you want to, just don't say anything stupid. Once all that happens, you can clearly say you've explored all avenues EXCEPT for a court appearance. THeir lawyers will either settle with you or bring you in but all you gotta do is point out a few technical concepts for the courtrom, maybe include a few Simple Wikipedia printouts, & you'll win hands down. It would help to have someone in IT act as a professional witness. If the laptop was under $500, take them to small claim court.

about 7 months ago

Snowden Used Software Scraper, Say NSA Officials

atari2600a SCP Script? (227 comments)

SCP Script.

about 7 months ago

Is Whitelisting the Answer To the Rise In Data Breaches?

atari2600a Everyone check this out (195 comments)

I just figured out how to turn on the Administrator account on Windows 7 & knock everyone else down to Standard! O:

about 7 months ago

EA's Dungeon Keeper Ratings Below a 5 Go To Email Black Hole

atari2600a Just let the giant die peacefully (367 comments)

They all scratch & fight from being scared of what they don't understand just before they accept death as the only option.

about 7 months ago



Autistic android apps?

atari2600a atari2600a writes  |  more than 2 years ago

atari2600a (1892574) writes "My family is considering getting my autistic nephew a $100 android tablet this Christmas for augmented alternative communication apps. Does anyone know of a de-facto AAC app, & any other apps that should be good for an autistic child? Ideally it'd be nice to lock down the tablet too, but a quick scan of the Settings page & a Google search provides no obvious means of doing this, so it'd be nice to see if & how that's accomplished."

Best way to recycle scrap gold?

atari2600a atari2600a writes  |  more than 3 years ago

atari2600a (1892574) writes "I'm your run of the mill college student with a lifetime's experience in microcomputer repair & maintenance. As you'd expect, I come across a lot of old machines I either pick up off the curb or end up being donated. When I recycle these machines, I throw all the cables into my copper bin & all of the case into my steel bin, but as there's no non-drop-off recycling centers in my area, I'm always left with the drives, boards &, more importantly, CPU's with precious precious scrap gold. As I said, I can't simply drop these off at a local computer recycling center for a profit, so are there any ways I can sell all this gold to buy more delicious cake?"


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