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Google Reader Being Retired

aurelian Is 2005 back? (386 comments)

I have just moved back to Linux from OS X, RSS and Google Reader is on the way out, so it looks like I'll be reading mailing lists instead, and I'm posting on Slashdot again.

about 2 years ago

Scientologists In Row With BBC

aurelian Re:The BBC can look after themselves (763 comments)

If I remember correctly the Director General made a rather craven apology to the govt after the bullshit Hutton report. But the real mistake was to even get drawn into a shouting match with Downing St over such nonsense as whether Kelly had said things had been `sexed up'. What a load of crap; who cares what that guy could or couldn't bring himself to admit.. the whole fucking planet could see that Blair had lied about going to war, so it was stupid to even argue about it.

The BBC is great, but they got beaten down over that and have never quite recovered. And (to get slightly back on topic) you can bet if Blair was a Scientologist (and if he wasn't about to leave), they'd be hosed on this one as well.

more than 7 years ago


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