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Facebook Shuts Down @Facebook Email System

aussiedood Email use on the decline in general (149 comments)

I think it's more because email use in general is on the decline. Facebook and other social media sites are the reason as people keep in touch with that instead of emailing. Couple that with the already entrenched services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc and it's little wonder there was little interest.

about 2 months ago

Ford Dumping Windows For QNX In New Vehicles

aussiedood Re:I'm just scared shitless (314 comments)

Isn't that because MS were selected as the sole supplier of ECUs by the FIA? Something makes me suspect the decision was made on how much the FIA were paid, rather than on the merit of Windows an an RTOS.

That's quite possibly true. I was simply pointing out that the MSFT system was being used in F1 cars and making no judgments about the merits or otherwise of the selection process or its in-practice efficacy.

about 2 months ago

Ford Dumping Windows For QNX In New Vehicles

aussiedood Re:I'm just scared shitless (314 comments)

Windows Embedded has powered the ECUs in all Formula 1 cars (arguably the most technologically advanced race cars in the world) since 2008.

about 2 months ago

EA Caves: SimCity Offline Mode Coming

aussiedood Not for me (198 comments)

Lack of offline play kept me away. I'll likely purchase a copy now.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best On-Site Backup Plan?

aussiedood CrashPlan (326 comments)

I'm a photographer too (albeit semi-pro) and don't have that much data, about 2TB at last count. I use CrashPlan, they offer both cloud ($6/m unlimited data), local and shared (backing up to a family/friends computer). You can seed you initial backup to the cloud with physical disks sent to CrashPlan.

about a year and a half ago

John Carmack Is Building a Virtual Reality Headset

aussiedood "on there", "on here" (118 comments)

Carmack is without doubt an intelligent guy, but I can't help being constantly distracted from what he is saying by his constant, out-of-context use of "on there" and "on here". A nervous tic perhaps? Not one I've noticed in other interviews I seen of him.

about 2 years ago

Do Solo Black Holes Roam the Universe?

aussiedood No... (135 comments)

...they always travel with their Wookie!

about 2 years ago

Server Names For a New Generation

aussiedood Re:Cross functional standard that is driven by mgm (429 comments)

We use a very similar naming convention, slightly less granular, but effect; State, City, Use, Number ie NYNYFS01 = NY, New York, File Server, 01 (a second file server would be numbered 02) At home or in small business movie/book/game characters can be fun, but once you start to get more than a few systems and employees and that starts to become unwieldy.

more than 2 years ago

30K WordPress Blogs Infected With the Latest Malware Scam

aussiedood Re:wordpress, again? (104 comments)

Agreed! At least you only have 15, I've just been given the task of managing our Wordpress implementation, we're at 144. *Ugh*

more than 2 years ago

Ann Arbor Schools Want $45M For Tech, Partly For Computers To Run Google Docs

aussiedood Re:Seems a little inflated... (248 comments)

Not if they're planning to buy Apple products ;)

more than 2 years ago

Napster Being Shut Down

aussiedood Re:Without Napster we'd still be buying all CD's (213 comments)

... to buy $15 CD's, just to get the one or two songs you actually want and the 10 other songs that are complete filler...

I always preferred buying the whole album and still do. But if you bought a whole CD for one song, more fool you. There were these things called singles, they've been around since music became commercialized. I don't get why people perpetuate the myth that individual song purchase was bought about by the digital age!

more than 2 years ago

Google Music Goes Live With Google+ Integration

aussiedood Re:Copy-and-Paste (240 comments)

Have you used it? iTunes requires a horribly bloated app installed on your computer and clunky syncing of music between said computer and your iOS device. Google music needs none of this (with the exception of a small app to upload your music you already have to the cloud). I have all 12,500 songs in my collection available to me wherever I am, no need to pick and choose what music to take with me. It was Google took us to the post PC world that Jobs kept pontificating about.

about 2 years ago

Health Care Reform

aussiedood Re:A false choice, of course... (2044 comments)

Please point me to the part of this, or any of the other proposed bills that has government running the health care system.

about 4 years ago

Health Care Reform

aussiedood Re:A false choice, of course... (2044 comments)

Thank you!! I have been fighting that misnomer during debates at work, very few people seem to get it.

about 4 years ago

First Look At Windows 7 On an Entry-Level Netbook

aussiedood Re:But what about the sidebar? (435 comments)

If you double-click the gadget when installing it, it will snap to the the right-hand side of the screen, thus replicating the side-bar.

I don't have a running copy of Windows 7 in front of me right now but there is probably a way to make them stay on top etc etc.

more than 4 years ago

Worst Working Conditions You Had To Write Code In?

aussiedood Right. (1127 comments)

I had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day, and pay the owner for permission to come to work, and when I get done, my manager would kill me and dance about on my grave singing Hallelujah.

And you try and tell the young coders today that and they won't believe you!!

about 5 years ago

Scientists Discover Why Sharks Can Swim So Fast

aussiedood Elite swimming (103 comments)

I wonder how long before we start to see this applied to swimmers bodysuits?

more than 5 years ago



aussiedood aussiedood writes  |  more than 7 years ago

aussiedood (577993) writes "I've been running a small business providing PC support services to home users (think Geek Squad) for almost a year now and I am getting to the point where I need to bring on some extra techs. To this point it has just been me, so scheduling calls etc. has been a doddle. My question for the slashdot community (those who run a similar business in particular) is, what do you use to schedule calls and manage the day-to-day running of the business? I would prefer to use FOSS if possible, but recommendations of commercial tools are also welcome."


aussiedood has no journal entries.

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