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Favorite text editor?

awa Re:Joe, anyone? (1131 comments)

In my case, transitioning from the editors in Turbo Pascal and Turbo C was very straightforward. Their key functions were also based on those from WordStar.

This was back in 1995. And I'm still using joe as my editor for anything from config files, through html/php to C. Just as many other people have said, it's the first package I install on a non-Slackware environment.

Since I worked at a University, and had a team of young and impressionable students working with me, there's a whole generation of joe-addicted slackers here in Costa Rica.

more than 5 years ago

Slashback: Little Red Hoax, Firefly, Google

awa Re:Intelligent Design tantamount to teaching relig (508 comments)

> Many of us see religion as the "opiate of the masses". Faith
> truly does offer some solace from the void that ultimately lies
> before us. But those of us who do not believe in heaven often see
> those that do as weak mentally, since we feel they cannot standup
> to the ultimate end of their existence.

Funny thing is, being a Roman Catholic in a Catholic country (Costa Rica), I've seen the opposite - sort of.

Many of the atheists I know seem to choose not to believe in God, because our religion burdens us with guilt and chores. Also, many people have converted to "lighter" forms of christianism, apparently for the same reasons.

This, of course, is just what I've seen in my small corner of humanity. YMMV.

more than 9 years ago


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