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Apple In Talks To Bring $0.99 TV Rentals To iTunes

awc Re:Subscription service (274 comments)

I know a place where I can get TV shows for free ... torrents ftw

more than 4 years ago

String Quartets On the Web?

awc Re:The only feasible explanation... (228 comments)

I think /. is looking to compete with google, this article happens to be the second site google spits out after our friend here lmtgfy'ed it for us.

more than 4 years ago

Linux Games For Non-Gamers?

awc Re:Total Shameless Plug: Try some of our games (460 comments)

stay away from ogame -- we call it ocrack for a reason. i've only been playing for 2 years now and that was after a 3 year break KEEP AWAY!!! btw is better (you can play with ppl from every where 'round the world as opposed to just within the states.

about 5 years ago



5 billionth tweet

awc awc writes  |  more than 4 years ago

awc (1656865) writes "Well looks like twitter is being used by a ridiculous number of users (non-twitter user here). Robin Sloan is quite lucky to have gotten this 5billionth tweet, its a great publicity stunt for him as he tries to raise money for his new book [].
The hard part is to prove whether he actually posted the pentagigatweet."

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